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The results are in!!!

Congratulations to DAWN from our In The Now team for her lovely, seasonly festive Tangled Christmas Lights cookie:

Our readers loved your artistic creativity and you may now brag about it ALL year long [until next year, when we once again give you a run for your money]!

That being said, has populated a comment from one lucky reader who will take home the itunes gift card, and the comment is…

Please email me personally as soon as you see this so that you can claim your prize! And enjoy- hope Christmas treated you well and that you’re ALL gearing up for the new year like we are!


We’ve done this before with the team at In The Now. And since traditions are fun, we’re doing it again. Last week at our holiday party, I brought out the green and red baking supplies so that we could properly do-up some delicious sugar cookies. The idea was to use the items provided to make an *awesome* and creative cookie that our readers would vote on!

The winner on our team gets bragging rights, but one lucky commenter will receive a $15 iTunes gift card just for playing [winner selected randomly]!! So fun already, right?? So, without further adieu- here are the cookies!!

The Stop Sign:

The MasterCard:

The Apple-and-worm:

Pac Man and Ghost:

The Coffee Cookie:

The Mexican Flag:

The Shake Weight:

The ridiculous web of love:

Festive Heart:

Super Cookie:

Tangled Christmas Lights:

And – typically I keep it anonymous so that none of our readers know who made which cookie, but honestly- This is Sharon’s:

The picture from the top doesn’t do it justice:

Basically all she did was rip off the top of one of Dawn’s cute-as-a-button little snowman cupcakes and plop it onto her cookie. I’ll give her an A for creativity in getting a great design. But seriously. And just to give you an idea of how much Josh liked that…

One last little peek at how adorable Dawn’s cupcakes were!!

Phew! Hopefully at least one of these cookies moves you enough to vote! Just leave a comment stating your favorite cookie and why it’s your favorite- and you’re automatically entered into the drawing! Special thanks to Jack Rodriguez for capturing our cookies so perfectly, so accurately, so gently! We love Jack!!

Voting ends at 8am on Friday the 24th [Christmas Eve] with a winner announced on Christmas day! But don’t check then- check it later. :)

Have fun and good luck [well, to all of us!!]!


Well some of you may remember that I won a stellar contest a little over a month ago with our gorgeous inspiration board depicting what we thought to be an elegantly nautical, East Coast style soiree. Well, those plans came to fruition last week and now, the images have been featured on the ever-fabulous, highly-read-worthy blog of the Wedding Chicks!

I could NOT be more thrilled with the way the ideas were captured by fave photog Chenin Boutwell. She turns everything she snaps right into gold- so I’ve been giddy since moment one about this!

The stylish workshop was broken up into a couple of posts- so be sure to visit ALL of them and leave love for your fave event stylists over there!!

Wedding Chicks Part 1

Wedding Chicks Part 2

Definitely there are MORE images, descriptions and fun to come regarding this workshop so stay tuned for more! Thanks so much Amy, Jocey, and Chenin for allowing me to turn a portion of a San Clemente Golf Course into a dreamy, Nantucket wonderland!!



FINALLY. Like, FUH-inally! The cat’s outta the bag. The past week or so has been a whirlwind since the lovely Amy Squires wrote me regarding the outcome of their Style Lab Design Contest. I am bursting with ideas and so overjoyed about the look and feel I’m set out to create. In case you don’t remember our delicious color palette, here’s our FULL, ridiculously all-inclusive [about 50 images] styleboard that we initially created to suit our “vision” of this workshop:

It’s going to be truly beyond epic and I can hardly wait until all the details come together! More on that as we sift through the goodies! Thanks SO much to all our adoring friends, family and fans- we couldn’t have done it without you!



**Please Vote!**


We here at In The Now have a TON going on this week- lots of posts and pictures and pretties, but nothing more exciting than our styleboard being picked of one of the top 3 over at Wedding Chicks for their design competition!! You may remember our ridiculously perfect color palette that started it all from here. Well, now we’ve concepted the whole thing out, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

The contest winner will be styling a huge workshop with Chenin Boutwell + The Wedding Chicks and frankly, the idea that we came up with is so FAB, it pains me to think of NOT styling it. The details- in my head- are just amazingly ooey gooey goodness! Here’s the board that the WC gals put together for us. I supplied them with 60+ pictures for it, because that’s how I roll. THAT- y’all- is how I roll!

PLEASE GO HERE AND VOTE FOR US!!. We’re styleboard #2!! You can vote as many times as you’d like. The voting ends Saturday, March 20th! Would truly adore the support- especially if what we’re showing you so far looks unique and piques your interest as much as it did ours, putting it together!

**All new posts will go under this one until Saturday, March 20**

Oodles and oodles of things like poodles!! Vote, vote, vote!!



Okay so tell me honestly… who doesn’t have a crush on the fabulousa wedding blog What Junebug Loves? I know that I have for years, so this is a particular honor!

I’m thrilled to announce that our Utterly Engaged Designer’s Challenge Table was featured last Thursday! I’ll be posting tons of photos here [shortly] as well, but for now, go gift your eyes with some gorgeousness over at Junebug’s Post!

Brick place mats and plexiglass menus and faux bois plates with pops of deep teal and hot cocoa. Like, seriously for real! I love it!! Hope y’all do too!



Now I’m sure you’re all dying to know an update on the designer’s challenge I entered last week. Well… We didn’t win!! But, we sure had a heck of a time designing and planning our uniquely modern, winter warmth of a tabletop!

Because each of the entrant’s designs are going to be published in the upcoming issue of Utterly Engaged, I cannot show you any photos of the tabletop itself, as a whole. Since I’ve got no patience myself, I’m sharing with you one small detail to give you a clue as to the images to come.

Don’t lose that winter spirit before you see these pictures!! I know you’ll love them! This photo is actually compliments of us [though on the night of the event, the stupendous Jasmine Star shot the tabletops, which are the images going to publish in the magazine]! Josh and I re-set the tabletop up the next day in the back alley behind my office to compliment the urban feel of the table. I literally cannot WAIT to share them with you, but until then… let this hold you over:

Modern Warmth-90

Thanks to Cathy @ Love At First Invite for her gorgeous paper design work on these cute cute cute little hot cocoa stirrer flags!

Hope you’re all soaking in that California sun now that it’s back in business. I do love me a good week of winter, but I cannot separate myself from leaning and growing towards the sun, just like a flower! Get things done today, y’all! I know I am!!



Okay readers- here’s the first SNEAK PEAK you’re going to get related to our tabletop for the Utterly Engaged New Year’s Party debuting TONIGHT! I am beyond excited, nervous, and anxious to release our design to the world! But, without any further delay, here is the theme and inspiration behind all of the work that I’ve put into the last two weeks:


Do you love? I love!! I can’t wait to see all of the smiling happy faces at the UE event tonight! Hopefully I’ll get to hug some of my dear readers whilst I’m there as well [nudge, nudge, wink, wink]!!

Enjoy the torrential downpour […by looking at it from the warm indoors under a comfy blanket]!!



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