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I think it’s been established that I adore anything stylishly monochromatic. If not- well, now it has! These FABULOUS [beyond, really] bouquets whipped up by Carissa @ JL Designs are totally stunning. She, once again, knocks it out of the park by not only producing amazing monochromatic, modern bouquets- but does it to one of the most uniquely strange and intoxicating dress colors I’ve ever seen! Talk about a tough one to match!! Oh Carissa- I’m taking notes on your utter ridiculousness and writing it down so that I may some day be as great as you are, my dear!

Hope you’re loving this Friday like I am! I cannot believe half of the year has flown by already. 2010 has set itself up for so many amazing things- I almost am more excited to just look back at the end and see what unfolds. Until then, I’m hanging on with high hopes! Do the same, my lovelies!!



P.S.- random fact- on this day, June 11, 2002- my husband and I started [re]dating! It was merely a year later when I had a ring on my finger and was planning in full swing. I remember 6/11 vividly because he asked me if we could “count it from the 10th” so it’d be easier to remember. How romantic!! ;) Here’s to never forgetting the little things!! And by the way- he’s never forgotten, 11th or not!

Umm… is that a hankie I spot IN the bouquet?? I am freaking out at that thought. Dropped dead to the floor, knees weak over these wild, highly-textural, gorgeous pulled together flowers! Thanks Ruffled Blog for featuring it and more than that, Raya Carlisle for capturing it!

Shell’s Petals, don’t give up the good work!!

Happy Friday- brimming with promise and all things super lovely. Embrace the wild textures in your life today! Help them meld together to become something uniquely you, overflowing and spilling forth into this lovely world. :)



Newly-Weds: Lesa + Eric


I’m sure y’all remember these killer rustic chic invites that our adorably fabulous Shannon whipped up for Lesa and Eric. I’m sure you do. Because it shows how amazing and stylish our clients are. And here are the photos to prove it!

I just 100% adore how their photographer, Zenia Photography, captured their love story!

Plus- well- it doesn’t hurt if the couple is completely gorgeous, too… right?

And now- some of the details you’ve really been DYING for…

Thanks to Zenia for the photos and for the remarkable pleasure of working together once again! Go give her a hoot and holler over on her blog!!

And, one for the road:

The lineup:

Sweet Tunes [and lighting] provided by Mike @ Carcano DJs
Rentals by Classic Party Rentals [to the rescue, I may add- thanks Gretel!!]
Design and Coordinating by [the ever-fabulous] In The Now Weddings
Photography by Zenia Photography
Cake and Flowers provided by the bride and family!

Have a dig-your-toes-in-the-mud kinda day. And don’t be afraid to get some dirt under those fingernails, either!



OH my goodness. I’ll be honest- it was love at first sight for me and this bad boy!

I absolutely ADORE these romantically textured blossoms that grace little feathery poufs with a grey ribbon collar. If I got married again… this would be a serious contender! Thanks to Green Wedding Shoes for the inspiration [and the rest of that shoot is pretty fantastic so you should probably spend a solid 20 taking a look…], and to Aly at The Vine’s Leaf for the florals. She may be my brand new fave and I cannot, CANNOT, wait to work with her in the coming months!!

Lovely Friday to you all, my lovelies! What’s your favorite style of wedding posies? Loose, organic and wild? Tight, sleek, and slender? A bit in between? Focus on finding the you in this crazy wedding world, and when you find it- don’t let it go!



Special thanks to JL Designs for whipping this cute little piece into life! I nabbed the photo from her blog. If you haven’t met Carissa [or met with her for your own wedding]- you may very well be missing out on the best floral talent out there!

These flowers just make me overjoyed that it’s spring here in sunny Southern California!

Enjoy your beautiful Friday and don’t forget to take some moments looking UP at the skies!



Okay so if you haven’t heard of Megan Gray [aka the guru from Honey + Poppies], you may be missing out on the best kept secret in southern California. She’s a fantastically fun designer that puts her heart into her work and takes her art personally and seriously. I know, because I just had the pleasure of working along side of her for the Romeo and Juliet workshop. This picture of one of the loose, gardeny bridal bouquets she made absolutely thrills me. It’s just perfection with a side of texture and an extra helping of color. Serious style.


And so Megs, this Friday Lovely is for you! Blown away by this specific image [as you can imagine, from a workshop of 70+ photographers we’ve got literally hundreds of images to sort through in tons of various styles], which is brought from your computer screen STRAIGHT to your eyeballs via Cindee Bae. Helloooooo, Cindee. You’ve got a career ahead of you! And of course the beyond-cute married couple, Ashley and Sean, acting as our models didn’t hurt either!

Have an inspired, garden-style weekend where you let everything go with the flow, roll off your shoulders and soak in the sun!



I’m going to show you something that’s never been seen before. Are you so excited or what? Because I totally am!

This tabletop was part of my previous collection that I styled last summer, shot by Wayne Toshikazu. It’s taken me forever to go through the images and select a few favorites but now, here we are! The glorious day!

I love the play on traditional elements. At heart, I’m a gal who truly loves a good wedding. By saying that, I mean I love the classic feel of elegance and style. When I think about my personal style, as a designer, I know that I’m constantly taking the warmth of the familiar and splicing it into my modern, clean aesthetic. This table is no exception! Take a popular subtle color like eggplant and add a pop of orange to the pallet! Take a large over-wrought centerpiece and break it up into smaller portions by separating the flowers by style and color! Take the familiar old and hoist it away to bring in the flashy new.

It’s what we’re all about!


Orange Bengaline linen was sourced via BBJ Linen. Flowers were provided by the amazingly incredibly wonderfully talented girls of In The Now [and trust me, I’m saying that to THEM, not about us!]. The backdrop was provided by Stacey and staff at Shorebreak Hotel Huntington Beach [cannot thank you all enough for allowing us to INVADE for the afternoon!].


Each place setting held a mini corsage/boutonniere for the guest. Sandwiched between the flowers was a small round name tag, to designate each guests’ place at the table. I love this idea, like a lot!


We used opaque white crushed glass in the bottom of each cylinder vase- which brought in a great modern feel. We hand-tied each mini-bouquet of flowers with lush dupioni eggplant ribbon and then finished it with copper wire to accent.


My favorite part about this table? The lady slipper orchids. I love, love lady slippers.


The idea that all of the flowers were cascading outward and pouring off the table. The vases actually sprawled across the length of the table, taking up 2 guest places. I truly adore the idea of “unconventional” positioning of centerpieces, as well as disproportional. I didn’t want something over-the-top or extravagant, but I did want something that made a statement!


Modern votive holders in varying heights make my heart melt! And one last detail shot for you of the darling plate:


And here is my commitment to you, dear readers. Here’s the skinny on what’s been up over here: we are committing to shoot one tabletop a month. Kinda amazing, right? Since we’ve already shot our January table [and dying with anticipation to show y’all], we’re off to style-to-death our February with a – you guessed it- VALENTINE theme! Can’t wait to bombard you with design in the coming months!!

Stylize your life today! Make it cohesive and beautiful in every step, with every moment… exude your style!



A Very Late Lovely


Consider this for last Friday! I’m not trying to neglect you all, my dear readers- but hang in there!! The eye candy at the end of the road will be worth it, I PROMISE! We’ve got so much goodness in store.

Until then, how can you resist the sheer fabulousness of this bouquet?? Thanks to Jen @ Green Wedding Shoes for providing as always, the cutting edge inspiration that I adore!


A great modern twist on the iconic and sweet daisy bouquet! Mini daisy flowers with a center of billy balls goodness!



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