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Sometimes the beauty of things is in its simplicity. Today I am feeling very “less is more” and have fallen in love with this iphone case.

Clean, Simple and loving.

Get yours at

Hello there all!

My current obsession cialis pills (Total misuse of  “current” since all my obsessions turn into a melting pot of want!) is with this eye catching Hive Honey Set by Biodidatic.

It just screams adorable. A pure delight for any major tea drinker or honey enthusiast! The ease of accessibility (no more squeezing bears to steal their honey) and the modern design makes me want to buy two.

To add this adorable set to your life head over to .

As most of our ITN blog followers know we LOVE us some branding. I am sucker for a great presentation for even the most simplest things. So of course my eyes are always please when getting a glimpse of anything that has to do with Laduree. As delish as the sweet treats are there is something even better offered at Laduree!  You guessed it… Branding and presentation.

The first time I saw the photos above I died over the color combinations and how something so classic can come off modern and even a bit quirky .

I can see 100 different weddings designed JUST from that plate of Macaroons.

I think I would be a happy girl if I received one of these amazing boxes! The detail on the box is over the top and I love it.

So the next time you just happen to be in France go to Laduree (or go to and take a second and get inspired!

You know when you find something you love but at the moment you find it you don’t instantly know that you love it? So you kinda just let it go, for a moment… but then you can’t stop thinking about it, right?

Well- that’s me. It’s me with this dress that Anne Hathaway glided down the red carpet in. I cannot stop thinking of it.

In fact, I find it to be quite ironic. The long sleeves and a [sultry, deep] low back. Immaculately detailed. A gorgeous warm color to make her glow like a bright copper penny. And to top it off, a puff sleeve- my personal fave. I am DYING for it. I actually hope something similar to this finds it’s way into the wedding dress market. I would adore a backless bride who felt bold enough to wear a long sleeve. It is slenderizing, it’s mesmerizing, and it’s utterly darling.

Maybe it’s time for you to revisit a thing or two in life. Sometimes a second glance is all it takes to find true love.


A simple, small picture for a simple, small idea.

What you’re looking at- it’s Pear Brandy [news to me thanks to Details By Oksana], and it’s compliments of Clear Creek Distillery. And yes, that’s an entire, full-grown pear inside that gorgeous clear bottle.

Wanna know why I’m impressed? Because it’s a beautifully fantastically simple idea. With a beautifully fantastically wonderful and clean presentation. But that’s not to say that the process of getting there is easy. In fact, it’s painstaking. There’s a lot of waiting. There’s a lot of thought involved in the process. And there is a lot of effort to this method. But in the end, it all proves worth it.

I can’t say that this business is any different. I adore my job- every aspect of it, and each year I learn more and more how to refine my skill, to refine what we offer, to train up our team to be a top notch part of this industry. It’s painstaking and it’s effort-ridden and it’s not to be rushed… perfection never is. But I hope you readers, clients, and supporters know- it is all for you. Every day and every meeting and every event and email and improvement is for your benefit.

Go here and admire the process- the beauty, the timing, the details.

Remember that the best things are refined by fire today- and that we always come through it, one way or another.


Oh Starbucks, you’ve done it again. Be still my beating heart:

I know there’s quite the controversy on the new, to-be-unveiled Starbucks logo, but I haven’t one negative comment to make about it. It’s understated. It’s modern. It’s simple. It’s completely spot-on for the “times”. And more than that- it’s one heck of a genius marketing move. I mean helloooo taking your name OFF of your biggest built-in advertising… the product! That takes some serious guts- something that Starbucks has proven to possess in spades! SO into it.

Company branding is something I love and am passionate about. If you haven’t seen the team sport our In The Now shirts, don’t worry- you will on your wedding day. The long list of things I’ve felt the need to personally brand run from company pens to my laptop desk top to bottles of water for our guests and mini totes for our gals. We are INTO IT here. And thus, I have nothing more to say- just, soak it in. The new logo is here to stay for them, and I couldn’t be a more proud Starbucks supporter of this shift into the 21st century!

Figure out what you’re saying to the world, and how you’re saying it! Make your own shift today!!


Thanks, as always Ms. Vera Wang for your exceptional handiwork and swift design intellect. You have brightened my day with your warm muted palette:

Not frilly like pink, not cold like blue; just simple and warm. With the perfect proportion of fullness and interest. Shouldn’t we all be so balanced? [Plus, hello, that TOP- I die!]

Seek and ye shall find, dear readers!


Friday Lovely: Key Card.


I love keys. When Josh [the hubs] and I were still dating, I gave him an all-red [uncut] key. I told him it was the key to my heart and he kept it on his keychain along with the rest of his important actual working keys. I’d love to say “he still has it to this day” but that boy looses things like it’s nobody’s business. So, when he lost that set of keys, he lost the red key, too. But, he still knows the key to my heart, that’s for sure! So when I saw these puppies on etsy I ’bout died. I also have a weakness for all things inappropriately sized [very large; unreasonably small]!

Eek! So cute!! My suggestion- give someone the key to your heart today by being honest, genuine and transparent for a moment of two with them. Whether it’s sharing a cup of tea in a quiet sit down minute, or it’s laughing wildly in the midst of chaos with another friend… times like that mold and make us who we are. Let your youness show!


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