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Invites: Steph + Tom


My dear friends Stephanie and Tom tied the knot in July [and you just recently got a glimpse of their gorgeous photos captured by Trever Hoehne. But, what we neglected to show you before now, is their incredibly posh French-inspired invitation suite that we created in their honor. So, please feast your eyes:

Steph had a vision from moment one for her wedding: simple elegance with a cream, black and chocolate scheme. Keeping in mind that their affair was a desserts only style of reception, it fit perfectly! We chose a “wordy” invitation to act as the overall design- and the simplicity of it was the perfect compliment to the evening!

Boxed and tied with lace, these were meant to be hand-delivered for their intimate guest count.

The delicate femininity of the lace and font played perfectly against the masculine color scheme and angular modern box.

All in all, one of my favorites designs to-date for invitations. I love the playfulness and romance of the suite, and how we got to carry it through to the big day with the favors, ceremony programs, guestbook, and dessert signs!

Have an inspired day with love flowing like the Seine River!


Newlies: Elena + Nathan


This was my first time working with Dave Richards and his cute-as-a-button wife Sandy, but I’m really hoping it won’t be my last. Just looking through the images he recently blogged of Elena and Nathan have brought back a flood of memories from their seamlessly stress-free, gorgeous day. I’m thrilled to gush to you some of their perfect images!!

Radiant bride…. check!

Handsome groom…. check!

Killer cohesive bridal party…. check!

Ridiculously pretty church… check! And then, there’s love.

Lots and lots of love.

And a great reception locale like The Ebell Club, Long Beach doesn’t hurt either!

The decadent arrangements from Flower Allie add the perfect POP to this fun color scheme of navy and orange. And here’s a designer’s inside tip: when working in a candle-lit, romantic environment, go a shade lighter with your linen. In the light of day, you may not understand- but in the deep, dark colors of your reception, that extra “lift” of color will make all the difference. Keeping with Spanish feel, we used La Tavola’s dupionique in royal [a cobalt blue tone, much like the Spanish tiles we used as escort cards] to ensure the colors didn’t get lost in the evening light. It was the perfect impact!

Isn’t it always the “little” things that get you?? Elena chose for us to do a “detail wrap up and decor budget” for her. It’s one of our most popular additions these days and can be added to any of our services. For Elena and Nathan, we took the liberty of implementing several tiny decor elements to really impact her day. We upgraded linens and napkins, added a lace knot napkin wrap, detailed the bride and groom chairs [with lace tails and signage], created menu cards for their buffet, concepted and created their escort card tiles with alternating blue/orange colors, wrapped candles in custom lace, created wedding programs, and designed/assembled 20 welcome baskets [complete with custom timeline, logo/artwork, and packaging for her guests]. WHEW. All in 2 weeks time. If THAT’s not bang-for-your-buck, I don’t know what is!

Just a suggestion, but if you skip on over to Dave’s site, there’s more where this came from. He’s a great blogger [in example: timely, generous with images that are generously sized, and credits all of his vendors]. I love this in a photographer. I love this in ANY vendor. I’m on his side.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this wedding come together! I got to work with Elena and Nathan from the get-go, so here’s a shout out to our all-star cast of characters:

Ceremony: Wayfarer’s Chapel
Reception: Ebell Club Long Beach
Photographer: Dave Richards
Event Design and Planning: In The Now
Florist: Flower Allie
DJ: John Suarez, After Dark Entertainment
Napkin Rentals: Signature Party
Linens: La Tavola Fine Linen
Catering: Jay’s Catering
Custom Graphics: Kristen [Graphical Intern], In The Now
Vinyl Escort Card Logos: Creative Media Print
Hair/Makeup: Artistry By Briana

Holla! Look at that list. It’s what I love to see. :) So sad it’s over… so happy they’re married. It’s the bittersweet small moments in life that keep me pushing forward. Hoping you find some JOY in today, tomorrow, and your ‘forever’.


Hello, Cute-iful! It’s like a perfect, breezy summer day already here in Sunny So Cal and I couldn’t be more thrilled about the pops of emotional sunshine that keep creeping into my life. I adore the springtime and everything about it- and mostly, I adore the weddings that it brings my way!

This delightful sweets table that I’m sure you remember has seemed to get my blog and twitter friends clamoring with excitement! And rightfully so! Thanks to Cyd at The Sweetest Occasion for the wonderful little write up and feature of our perfectly placed desserts!

It’s an honor to be featured anywhere, but when blogs come out of the woodworks to love on something you’ve had your hand it… it’s truly a new level of humbling! Thanks to all my readers, friends, family and fans from my deepest heart… in ways you’ll never know, you are the ones that have kept me in this industry, creative and brimming with excitement! Jump on over to The Sweetest Occasion to see more of us and so so SO much more weddings!

Happy sunny day, y’all!



ANOTHER teaser for you. And this one is a real hoot!! Talk about a great week [and instant gratification, by the way]- this lovely dessert bar was from this past weekend’s wedding! Special [special special special] thanks to Nicole Hill Gerulat for the blog post chock full of pictures!! Even more thanks to the impeccable Melody at the Sweet and Saucy Shop for her gorgeous goodies to make this display a smashing success [hellooo, alliteration!]. Did I mention that this entire reception was desserts? No meal, here. I’m a huge fan of this idea and have always pitched it to clients on a budget, and I’m so glad that I finally got to do one!

And the infamous TISSUE POM POMS that [if you follow me on twitter, you heard me moan about a couple of days last week] my team and I made in the wee hours of the morning!!

Visit Nicole’s post for more images and leave her pretty pretty comments about her pretty pretty pictures! I cannot wait for y’all to see the ridiculously perfect vintage furniture that Jeni from FOUND supplied. You will flip. Like for serious.

Until then, hang on and enjoy the ride!!



Hello ya’ll! I am SO excited to show you these invitations! Amanda approached me a while back with a wonderful idea for a country chic bride looking for a whimsical yet rustic western looking invitation suite. You better believe I was 100% in.

With all the inspiration of rustic and western vibes, my mind went straight to wood backing.

How more rustic could you get? With the perfect feminine color palate [all shades of purple, navy and mint green accented with cream and fruitwood tones], the wood backing ads just enough rustic to make it work!

Believe it or not, the first one I whipped up is what we went with! We then used the same design ideas for the RSVP postcard and information card on a nice ivory base.

We used a heavy-weight, deliciously textured ivory stock for the paper goods and ivory vellum for the main invite. The shape was custom cut for us [a must with this design and really what sent us over the edge in love with it]. We then tied it all together with a lace ribbon inside of a precious box! The lace was the perfect pop against the wood and paper products- and we went with a modern, more “geometric” lace to compliment the feminine colors. I would LOVE to get one of these in the mail!

What I loved most about this project were the quirky colors paired with the rustic country chic look Lesa was looking for.  It just worked, and turned out so great, if I do say so myself!

Hope you all enjoyed hearing about it as much as I did making it! And just in case you weren’t excited enough after these for Lesa and Eric’s wedding photos… the super cute background fabric is actually what we’re custom making their napkins from for the event! Yippee!



Table Palette | March


What’s that now?? A storm is a-brewin’ once again in So Cal! Ya don’t say!!

It completely, 100% FIGURES that I’d plan yet another trip to my favorite area [the downtown LA garment and flower district] on a day when torrential downpour is very likely to ensue. Yet, my motivation is strong, and my excitement is rumbling inside my brain louder than the thunder could roll!! Here’s a little sneak of the colors I’m putting together for our lovely March tabletop. Of course it’s got an Irish feel to it- it’s March! I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s going to be outrageously, utterly, ridiculously fabulous. And that’s not just because it’s me putting it together. Okay maybe it is. Jury’s still out… I’ll let you all decide!


What do you think of when you see this? When you think of March?? When you dream of Ireland??? Curious to hear the answers that you come up with! It may or may not make it’s way onto the March table!



I’m working on a photoshoot for about two weeks from now that has been deemed a “Romeo and Juliet” inspired shoot! I’m not typically the sappy romantic tabletop gal, as much as I am the quirky mod push-the-envelope-with-my-textiles kinda gal, but I’m totally thrilled to be whipping this shoot together! The texture of the linens, the ideas I’ve got for the flowers, and the vendor list that I’m already piecing together is exciting me greatly! Bear in mind that this shoot was just brought into my realm yesterday and consists of a faux ceremony, reception and a few cocktail details [as well as dressing the models!]. It definitely is keeping me on my toes! More on this to come, but for now, as I’m inspired by color, here’s the color board I’ve made to inspire!


Blush, ivory, a plum/eggplant, based with navy and accented with a dirty, murky gold! Lush and loving it!! Definitely one of many ways that I want to bring the modern element into the romantic setting and vibe that Romeo and Juliet bring to mind!

Since this is the time of year for styling and shoots and FUN for us designers, I’m soaking it in! Remember that if you want YOUR wedding professionally styled by us, don’t hesitate to visit the site, or just email me directly!

Make today a colorful one!



….And, I officially suck at blogging. How, HOW did this happen? I’m typically so on top of spilling my guts out to the world at my every whim. For this, I can only apologize to Lacey- who I’m sure is waiting for pics from her lovely wine-country wedding. What a pleasure her and Andrew were to work with. From day one, Lacey and I just ‘got’ one another. So, you can imagine my delight when I got to finally meet Andrew and see the two of them together. It was literally like watching two people melt into one. They take love to a whole new level. It’s in the eyes. In the touch. In their hearts.




Venue: Lake Oak Meadows

Photography: Teresa and Company @TeresaK Photography

Florist: Karen @ From The Garden

DJ: Aaron @ Authentic Sound



The thing I love about this venue: it’s just simply gorgeous. It doesn’t need much. With the rows of wine vines and the natural landscape… wow, it’s just perfect.



Some of Lacey’s fun details. These are over at the ceremony site!





The ceremony site is a peninsula area that backs [well, is surrounded by] the lake. It’s so serene and peaceful. As big as the property sounds, it’s actually the PERFECT size for an intimate wedding!



These fans worked PERFECTLY for the guests… though we had great weather. The day of the rehearsal there was actually a rain scare, but the cool breeze felt amazing with the 80-something-degree weather!



I died over this. Alicia, when we got there, walked up to snag a few shots of Lacey while she was getting portraits. This is Lacey’s little excited-that-we-were-there-half-wave. SO cute!


Oh P.S. forgot to mention she totally looks like Kelly Clarkson but cuter. Am I RIGHT?! Onto reception details!


Their courtyard/lawn area is just divine. Strung lights included over the area. A built in bar. Stones with the grass humbly growing between. SO charming.



THE CAKE. This cake is like none I’d ever seen. I remember Lacey was debating between two cakes. One was this one. We decided, if her baker could pull it off… go for it. And pull it off they did!!



Cute table details, and a HUGE toss bouquet, because that’s how Lacey rolls:



Candles as escort cards… yes please! And this picture below makes me giggle each time I see it! This is Lacey, being escorted via golf cart up to the top of the steps so that her walk will be an entrance to remember. I adore the “privacy parasols” to ensure her and Andrew don’t see one another!


A close up of it:

Lacey Golf Cart

Onto the GOOD stuff:



I just feel like Lacey’s entire “look” wreaks of movie-star quality. Elegant hair. Elegant walk. The VEIL. Everything gorgeous!




Personal tidbits: Andrew DID get a bit excited half way through the ceremony [after his vows] and tried to lift Lacey’s veil and kiss her! She let out the cutest little “not yet!” and the whole crowd loved it. So perfect!



The theme for the day:


Good thing- it makes the cutest pictures!



Right after the ceremony they stopped to soak it all in… funny enough, RIGHT behind the chairs. It’s like they couldn’t wait just to be together and talk! I loved it. After a few seconds, we had to usher them around the corner so that the bridal party could join ’em for pictures!


A shot that Teresa set up at the tail end of the cocktail hour, just before the Grand Entrance:


The new Mr. and Mrs!




I just love how happy they are. It warms my heart!


Straight into their loving first dance:




Cuteness overload.


Dancing with dad:


I LOVED these few pics of Lacey tossing her bouquet!



In mid-air, if you can spy it:


Finally cutting that delicious cake!



THIS is what I’m talking about- spontaneously in love. They are so perfect together. Even in the way they hold one another, it’s so obvious. Smitten!!



And of course, my personal fave:


WOW WOW WOW, Lacey. You are a married woman. I’ll bet it’s been the best thing ever. The past few weeks have flown by at jet speeds, but your love story has stayed with me. During the ceremony, I cried. During the speeches, I cried. Witnessing your love has been nothing short of an honor for me. Truly! I’m so thrilled that I got to be there with you. Knowing that you two are out there, representing marriage so well, makes me proud to be even the slightest bit a part of your story. I know there are so so so many more years and stories, tears and laughs and MEMORIES in your future! Hopefully as the pictures from your friends, family, and disposable cameras roll in, these are a little more love comin’ your way. It’s all about the moments we capture in life! Love you two like it’s going out of style!



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