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My Engage-a-versay.


[photo taken around 9pm on 3/21/03, the night we got engaged! These were eventually featured on our save the date cards]

I can’t believe I’m even going to say this, but… seven years ago today, the wonderfully talented [and humble and sweet and loving and generous…. and more] Josh Auer asked me to be his wife.

He took me to Huntington Beach, where we parked out on a large stretch of empty sand just the two of us, his guitar and a blanket. He played me a song he wrote for me- the first song he’d ever written. Ever. For the wife of a now-full-time songwriter, it’s pretty unbelievable! Then he got down on his knee, and proposed. At 21 years old, I didn’t have a doubt in the world. And I never have!

Five months later we tied the knot in a wonderful whirlwind full of love [and, admittedly, chaos]. I’m so thankful that he “knew” enough to ask me to be his wife. I’m thankful for our story, and for who we’ve become together. Not everyone can survive being married and still having to grow up together- as man and wife. But we can, we did, we are, we have, and we’re going to!

Here’s one of our engagement photos, taken by a college friend of mine [now a high school photography teacher], Jette Via:

And just for fun, one from our first married Christmas [just a few months later]:

Never forget to celebrate the little things- and never forget the importance of your story! Becoming an “us” is one of the most fun experiences I’ve had in my life! And I’m in love with each day that I get to wake up as a wife of the man I love. Truly an honor!!



Random Rundown!


That’s right, y’all! Bringing back a little randomness from the In The Now team for you. I’ll bet that you’re pretty excited at this point, aren’t you?? Well, I am too!! So here’s a few randoms from yours truly to kick things off!

1. For Valentine’s Day my husband got my a stuffed lion [with a sunflower petal collar] that sings the song “Sunflower” by Neil Diamond in 3-part children’s choir unison. It’s disturbing at best. If you have absolutely NO idea why he’d do this, go here. The trouble is, I make the bed every morning and put it right in between our pillows as a joke… but now it’s kinda become a habit. Yikers.

2. I’m almost ready to reveal the new site. Like, in the next 48 hours, keep your eyes peeled. It’s gonna be epic sauce. And with the new site, I’ll likely be taking on a new intern for the office. I just feel they coincide. I’m super extremely overly ridiculously excited about that!

3. I’ve been doing a lot of designing lately. In fact, you’ll notice once the new site is up that design services are included in every In The Now package. For this, I am thrilled. But it also means that I have trouble sleeping at night with my head exploding and ideas pouring out onto [in the morning] illegibly-scribbled notepads. I’m kinda obsessed with it. I’m eclectic and random and scattered and all the signs of a great designer. But, I have the skill to reign myself back in. I literally separate my week into design days and organizing days. It’s become very efficient! A few of my iPhone pics that are inspiring me lately:

This specific orange-yellow tone of wood:

Eat Chow

Mini champagne splits [dying]- BOTH being used in upcoming projects:


Lorina Lemonade with it’s feminine bottle shape:


Wallpaper at the Barnes & Noble. Hello, they’re mini ampersands!


VIBE! Dinnerware [plates, chargers, bowls] a la Town + Country Rentals:


And one last picture that always keeps me going:


Husband’s special note to me whilst cooking dinner. Love him, too!

4. Two Auer Photo. Okay I said we’d talk about it so here’s the talk. NO I’m not “becoming a photographer”. NO I don’t shoot weddings. TAP was essentially created because we have great light in our studio space, a nice camera, and I’m a control freak that wants to ensure I get the images I need from each table setting. Really, it’s much more simple for me to commit to designing one table a month when I know I don’t have to orchestrate a photographer to come lend their time shooting it for me. It’s worked out fabulous thus far. and The TAP blog is just to post images of our shoots on a place that isn’t associated as much with In The Now. I don’t want people coming here, seeing that Josh and I have taken the photos, and being confused. Simple as that! We don’t shoot people. We shoot things. Things that can’t move. Where the variables are considerably less and where [and when] we can control our settings, lighting, etc. That’s the way I like it! SO- now you know! A quick peek into “getting the shot”:


And here is the shot itself:


Kinda totally worth all the MacGuyver moves we had to make [at one point, Josh had his iPhone under the spoon- which was sideways still- holding up the camera! Ridiculous]!

5. I’ve been cooking at home a lot. It makes me feel like a lady. But it also gives me dishpan hands. Big sigh.

6. I don’t consider myself a DIY craft oriented type of person. But right now I’ve become increasingly distracted with paper products like this:


And this:


SHOOT me dead, I just love it so much! It makes me motivated to create and recreate!

7. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that we hear a lot of familiar songs while watching Cougar Town. That’s because this is one of the FIRST shows that Josh has been placed on [with his music] that we can actually stomach watching. It’s quippy, smart, and fast-paced. Stuff that I love. The only problem is that when we do know he’s getting placed, I’ve already been distracted by the plot and I’m not paying attention! If you watch it, just know that if they’re in the bar, there’s a great chance my husband’s song is playing in the background as ambiance music. He’s been placed 7 times so far [and they’ve only had 15 episodes]! It’s pretty fun.

8. Something that made me smile today when opening a random folder:


Sometimes I miss my clients after their weddings. But it makes me bubble with pride, hope, and joy that they’re off creating families and lives and sharing last names! Thanks to Jonilyn for this one. And Christine + Tim of course!!

9. Do you notice that I release my blogs each day at 10:30am? I typically try to write in the evening, in advance, and then release at 10:30am for consistency. It’s currently 10:31am and I’m so anxious I’m biting my nails over it!

10. Since we’re changing the site and blog, we’ll have a lot more flexibility with writers and content and etc. So, I’d love feedback on what you’d like to see more of, what keeps you coming back, what you look for in a blog you love, and what will enhance our impact in your wedding world! Please, don’t hesitate to leave comments. We’d love it! I want to introduce you to our world in an intimate way, but I don’t want our features to be sloppy or incomplete. Tell me what you’ve liked, tell me what you haven’t so much cared for! I’ll give you all a dollar. Just kidding. I probably won’t.

And now for a soapbox moment: The deliciously adorable Shannon and her husband Scott entered the Green Wedding Shoes contest for a photo shoot and styling! They’re finalists!! Give your vote for them here!! SO proud of her styleboard! :)

Hope your day is filled with random JOY and bursts of laughter- the best kind!!



To My Valentine…



Be Mine???

Not sure if you remember what our family tradition is for Val Day [if you don’t read last year’s blog here], but it’s a doozie! This year is my year to give to Josh just EXACTLY what he never could ever possibly be interested in wanting. Can’t wait! I found it the other night at the grocery store and I’m confident it’s still sitting in the exact same place waiting for me. Since we’re both working a bit today, I can’t wait to whisk his gift off the shelf and then whip up some uber cute packaging for presenting it to him [after all, it’s ALL about the packaging].

Do me a favor- kiss lots today!



Things I am loving…


A quick list, with pictures of course!

1. These pictures of Josh that were taken by the oh-so-fabulous-it-actually-physically-hurts Trever Hoehne [and yep, he does weddings]. I can’t stop looking at my gorgeous man!




And yes, he has a mohawk. This photo shoot was so, SO last minute. So glad that it came together and that the babe is so happy about his photos and impending album artwork!


[That’s right! Show off that ring and tattooed A! Hell yeah!] Moving on…

2 This cake is KILLING ME:


It’s not the top as much as the tiers. I LOVE the folds. A big bunch of peonies on top and I’d be just as happy!!

3. Lisa’s invitation supplies came in and they are BETTER than either of us could have imagined. Just wow.



The ombre ribbon is perfection with this grassy green and metallic teal combo. Ugh!


So peacock-inspired and fun! All we have to do now is print…

4. This picture from Brian Khang is changing my life [or at least affirming it]:


This picture from my niece [via MiPhone] is, too:


5. Popped into Z Gallerie yesterday and this is the first thing that made my jaw drop [my personal style, if I had to pick ONE store, would be the Z]:


These little dessert stand/cup/glass thingies with covers, I am 100% in LOVE with. Do not be surprised if you see them featured in the next round of tabletops I do.



6. My weekly Wedvice column over at Elizabeth Anne Designs [every Wednesday]!! Talk about a growing experience for me. An expert?? Really??!!


Plus I get to display fabulous pictures of tabletops and real weddings! So fun. And so thankful that the ladies there believed in me and gave me a chance!

7. My comment from Keyla yesterday on my birthday post. Holy goodness. It was hands-down the most incredible thing I’ve heard about my business. And Spain! That means I’ve been featured in Spain AND Brazil. Who knew!!


8. My husband’s EP being featured in the “Pop” section of New/Noteworthy on iTunes. Hollar!! I can’t even believe it!


It’s been a great week. And 2009, you’ve got me smitten like a kitten so far!



SO proud!


What, what, whaaaaat!!!

In honor of Josh’s music placement tomorrow night [which is the first prime time placement that we know of for Josh’s music], he’s released an EP that is now officially UP on iTunes! Yay! I’m so thrilled to see my husband’s name out there in the real world!


So, if anyone is in the market for a few new songs, the “Dear You, EP” [which stands for “extended play” and essentially just means a few songs instead of a bunch… there are 5 total] is selling right now on iTunes for $3.99. Bargain city!


I cannot take credit for how amazingly bitchin’ the cover art is… but it’s pretty bitchin’ huh?? :) Buy the album here:

Josh Auer - Dear You - EP

Listen and tell me if you love it. I know you will!! xoxo.

People Are Talkin’


NOT about me [well, they ARE and we’ll get to that later], but…

So excited for my babe! Not only is one of his most stellar songs being played on the prime time CW show One Tree Hill, but it’s already being talked about!


If you’re interested in hearing my dude’s voice singing the hopeless love stories of various twentysomethings for television, tune in to One Tree Hill NEXT Monday, January 12th at 9pm California time! You know we’ll Tivo it. We’ve heard they’re using practically the entire song during a makeout scene. Score!!

Oh yah, and if you’d like to hear the song “Dear You” before it comes up on TV, go head over to Josh’s Myspace and give it a listen. It’s a great song. I know. It’s about me. Holla!

Anyone into the soaps??


He’s at it again!

Josh’s fabulous music got played on

Night Shift again [a General Hospital spin off show]!!!  

If you scroll to about 5 and a half minutes into the video, you’ll hear my hubs BEAUTIFUL voice! The song is called “Still Holdin’ On” and the scene is the death of a friend, when they’re at the morgue. They play the song ALMOST in its entirety so we’re both very pleased!   

Here’s the video:

Remember, about 5:20 into the clip, the music starts!! Tell me what you think!  

And then go here to listen to the real song and look up the lyrics! He rocks. I know it, you know it. We know it!!   

***EDIT TO THIS: I’m on TV, too!!!! They used Josh’s song “On My Own”, which I sang, in the new family series Samurai Girl! Here’s the clip [and this was a random accident finding it, because we were looking for another of Josh’s songs that a fan told us about later in the show…].


Song comes in at 5:45 into the clip and starts out “Honesty is a mystery…”. LOVE your coordinator. Love her voice. Love her husband. Wait… love YOUR husband [present or future].  The good thing is, it was RIGHT at the beginning of the show, before people even lost interest and started channel flipping, right?? :)

Okay, my husband again here on Samurai Girl [same episode], scroll to 7:20 to hear “It’s You”!

Since he just started working for ABC full time a year ago, with the new season they are exploding with new songs! Only a month into the TV seasons and we’ve heard 4 of his songs!! We’re depending on friends, fans, and family to tell us when he’s played because we can’t keep up with EVERY ABC show [especially since we sold our TV…] but we’re more than thrilled!!