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My Engage-a-versay.


[photo taken around 9pm on 3/21/03, the night we got engaged! These were eventually featured on our save the date cards]

I can’t believe I’m even going to say this, but… seven years ago today, the wonderfully talented [and humble and sweet and loving and generous…. and more] Josh Auer asked me to be his wife.

He took me to Huntington Beach, where we parked out on a large stretch of empty sand just the two of us, his guitar and a blanket. He played me a song he wrote for me- the first song he’d ever written. Ever. For the wife of a now-full-time songwriter, it’s pretty unbelievable! Then he got down on his knee, and proposed. At 21 years old, I didn’t have a doubt in the world. And I never have!

Five months later we tied the knot in a wonderful whirlwind full of love [and, admittedly, chaos]. I’m so thankful that he “knew” enough to ask me to be his wife. I’m thankful for our story, and for who we’ve become together. Not everyone can survive being married and still having to grow up together- as man and wife. But we can, we did, we are, we have, and we’re going to!

Here’s one of our engagement photos, taken by a college friend of mine [now a high school photography teacher], Jette Via:

And just for fun, one from our first married Christmas [just a few months later]:

Never forget to celebrate the little things- and never forget the importance of your story! Becoming an “us” is one of the most fun experiences I’ve had in my life! And I’m in love with each day that I get to wake up as a wife of the man I love. Truly an honor!!



random rundown!

POSTED BY shannon


Oh HELLO! Shannon here, just now getting on board here at the In The Now Blog. Took long enough, right?!

I’m so excited to begin sharing more about myself, my upcoming August wedding, academic english writing and all the great things going on at In The Now. I’ve been interning for In The Now since November, so i’m the baby of the group for sure! Let me bring you into my world for a minute with a random rundown! …and by random, I mean raaahh-nnndom.


1. KITTIES and TALKING ANIMALS. I love kitties, kittens, cats, felines, meow? Growing up my best friends were my two kitties, Smokey and Whitey (who wasn’t really that white, now that i think about it.) We just get along, cats and I. Will that make me a crazy old cat lady with a big hat? OH I HOPE SO. Related to kittens, I have a strange fascination with talking animals. They crack me up. I can’t get enough of em – movies, commercials, youtube videos… ok i’ll stop.


2. COFFEE. I love coffee. Its hard to start a day without a cup. Typical drink for me? Americano, one splenda. Iced or Hot, depends on the weather. No foofy drinks for me. I used to work at Starbucks where i swear they implant a chip in you that makes you addicted. Add living in rainy Seattle where life revolves around cafes and coffee shops and you get me. While Starbucks’ americano’s are predictably great, I do love non-chain coffee shops, and prefer them especially Dagney’s [Bakersfield], Bauhaus & Uptown Coffee [Seattle].


3. DESIGN. I have been a self-proclaimed graphic designer, interior designer, photographer and artist since I can remember. I taught myself how to use all the Adobe programs and use them on a daily basis. I’m currently working on designing and assembling the look and feel of our wedding invitations [mailing next week!], our blog, and day of graphical goodies. I think this is what i love most about weddings – the creative and effective design that infiltrates every aspect! [Need designs? TOTALLY :)] My family is also artistically inclined, as my father is a landscape architect [who can draw like no-one’s business] and my mother is just creative in everything, everything. You should see their home. :) I am also known to sit online and look at photos, save them, and get inspired for HOURS upon HOURS.

4. FOOD. I do like food. Besides coffee, i am most known to love beans, pretzels, chinese chicken salads and red candies. I hate LEMON ANYTHING. Growing up basically in a citrus orchard [The Ranch], hating lemons as shunned me from my families love of lemon meringue pie and lemon-aid. I don’t like avocados either. Double whammy against The Ranch. Sorry Grandma and Grandpa.


5. MUSIC. I consider myself a music enthusiast as I am totally into all different types of music and probably listen to it for most of the day. I grew up listening to Christian music, yup, I loved the Newsboys. I’m not afraid to admit it as it brought me to where I am today! But thankfully, I have branched out from my sheltered ways and “saw the light” as Scott says. Lately, I’ve been jamming to the new mewithoutYou and Ben Kweller [both of who we are seeing soon!], and as always – Minus The Bear, Sebastien Grainger, The Strokes, and Ryan Adams among others. Who are you listening to right now?


6. SUNFLOWERS. Favorite flower ever. EVER! My grandmother used to have sunflowers all over her house, so I guess my love of the pretty flowers came from her. Something about them is so fresh and clean. Be warned, they’ll be ALL over my wedding, as well as in my apartment and even tattooed on my foot. Yeah, i like sunflowers. I also just love all other flowers too. I’m not totally biased. Peonies? COME ON.


7. MOVIES & SHOWS. My favorite film of all time is That Thing You Do. I remember seeing it for the first time back in like 5th grade, buying the soundtrack and falling in love with all the characters. It’s such a quotable movie and so easy to use in everyday conversation. My favorite TV show has to be Arrested Development. Scott and I have Arrested Development Thursdays, want to join? Done with the seasons? WATCH IT OVER AGAIN! I also love Dexter, The Office, HOUSE, and any trash on Bravo [weakness!].


8. HAIR. I am a proud un-natural redhead of 3 years. Thanks to the greatest Angi Bane [who also does Amanda’s mermaid hair], my red hair has become a sort of trademark of sorts that is always out of control. Naturally, I am a dirty dark blonde, but that girl hasn’t been around since age 16. From that I went to dark brown, to black, to red, to dark brown, to the present red-ness.


9. FAMILY. I have the greatest family. They are my rock and have always been there for me through every phase of my crazy life. What I love most about them is their love and support for each other as well as their solid faith in Christ. They’re also really funny. Like really funny. What’s also incredible is that they love my fiance, Scott, so much that seeing me isn’t enough. “Where’s Scott? Why didn’t you bring him?” is commonly asked of me, and I love it.


10. SCOTT. I’ve mentioned him a few times, but this man is my best friend and future husband. Never have I met a more funny, talented, grounded, bearded, strong, and all around amazing guy… and he’s all mine! We met through a mutual friend back in 2007 and he just swept me off my feet soon afterwards. I mean, he moved all the way to Seattle for me! We will be getting married on August 21, 2009 at my grandparent’s ranch. Expect a blog series dedicated to our fabulous day, full of fun and In The Now goodness.


I hope you enjoyed my random [or not so random] rundown. Maybe it made you giggle a little? Hopefully! Expect more from me, especially with a citrus, apple colored, great orchard style wedding coming oh so soon. Take Care!




Can I just say something? Can I say something right now? Can…. can I say something?

Last night we worked a fabulous wedding that made me fall in love all over again. Josh has been gone since last Sunday and although it’s only been a week, it’s long enough to “make the heart grow fonder” ifyaknowwhaddimean. Working last night was magical. Pretty much, they all are. I’m so thankful to everyone in my life who has been involved in making this dream a career.

This is what I call “work”:


And I am so thankful.

The girls and I have BIG decisions in our future! Tonight we’re getting together to decide the new NOW interns and we’re SO excited to be narrowing it down. So blessed, so blessed. Hope you’re having a weekend full of stopping to smell the roses in all areas of your life!



Random Rundown!

POSTED BY brittany


Aloha! Bonjour! Ciao! Hi! I am proud to say that I am the newest team member to become a regular blogger.  My name is Brittany [in case you didn’t catch that above picture with my name on it] and I’ve been with Amanda for one year and 4 months…but who’s counting?  I revolve my life around weddings and weddings only.  Basically I’m a totally romantic and a little bit of a nerd whenever I hear the word “wedding”.  I have yet to experience my own special day, as they call it, because I’ve been told you have to find “the one” first.  So if anyone knows where I can find this one, let me know!

I thought instead of blogging a novel about my life, I’d just make a list of ten random things about me…if I have ten.  I’m sure I can find something that will intrigue you.  I am known for my Jedi master-mind tricks! 


1.  I am a TOTAL sweet tooth.  Now you might think, ok she likes eating dessert every night, or has a stash of See’s Candies in her nightstand.  Ha, I laugh…that would be what I consider an amateur sweet tooth.  Actually I don’t even know if I’d be able to classify someone who did that as a sweet tooth.  It takes years of skill to create the prefect pallet in order to reach the sweet tooth hall-o-fame!  And yes, I have succeeded in this training process.  Now being a sweet tooth is a hard role, because there are SO many things that I just have to have, but have learned to control my urge and now go from 8 treats a day down to 4 treats a day.  I have stomach of steal when it comes to desserts.  I love them so much, I can, will, and have eaten cupcakes for breakfast more than once [no joke, it was 8AM].  So I’m sure you can guess that the first thing I ask a bride when meeting for the first time or assisting a wedding….when’s the cake cutting?




 2.  I have a thing for lions.  Not just any lions, male lions with bushy manes and a huge mouth when they yawn.  I don’t really know why this obsession occurred or when, but it might be because I am a Leo [summer birthdays are the best!]  I also have not one, but two male Golden Retrievers who look like they walked out of Africa.  I found out that lions sleep up to 20 hours a day and noticed my Golden’s do the same thing…what a life!  I even own a lion necklace.  I feel that I possess a liony energy and can be super mellow at times, then pounce when no one’s looking!  Kinda like my Jedi mind tricks.




3.  Pixar is my homeboy and we hangout any chance we get.  I am a kid at heart and just love watching little kid movies.  I own a lot and am not embarrassed to admit it [although my collection has scared away a few men….hmm, maybe that’s why I can’t find “the one”].  Anyways, I enjoy them and that’s all that matters.  The reciting of Pixar movies is my thing and I can pretty much sound like any character.  Not going to list every kid DVD I own, but a few are: Finding Nemo, Over The Hedge [not Pixar but still equally awesome], Wall-E, Monsters Inc, Ice Age 1&2, Cars, Ratatouille….see what I mean?


4.   How many nicknames can one female have?  I mean really, it’s insane!  I answer to the weirdest of names due to the nicknames I have been given in my life.  Responding to Nic has no significance to my name other than Nicole is my middle name and I NEVER use it.  It was until a friend of mine thought it would be easier to call me Nic because all of our names were Brittany spelled all different ways [there were 5 of us!]  Now I will answer to the following: Britt, Bee [B], B-rit, Nick, B.Fitch, Fitch….it’s retarded!  Oh and my last name is Fitch incase you were wondering where the Fitch came into place.


5.  My favorite hobby outside of weddings of course, is cooking.  I LOVE to cook anything and everything.  I am a pescitarian meaning do not eat meat but, allow myself to enjoy sushi, crab, shrimp, and fish; however I do enjoy cooking a prefect filet mignon with all the fixins.  Cooking/baking has always been a huge hobby of mine since I was a wee little one and now has blossomed into Top Chef status, if you know what I mean.  I don’t go one day without watching The Food Network channel and can watch it for hours.  My biggest attempt to date is to make veggie empanadas…check back in a few weeks!  I do have my pancakes down to a science though.  All I’m saying is I can make a mean pancake.


6.  Got powder?  I’m a freak for snowboarding and cannot get enough of it.  As far as sports go, this is my one and only.  Winter Olympics, Winter X-Games….bring it!  I’ve been snowboarding for 6 years and this has become my one love.  Fresh fallen untouched powder is such a sight; I go crazy whenever I think about it.  I buy a Big Bear pass every year for I go at least twice a week when the season comes.  At one time I was sponsored but I’m not going to get into that.  Writing ten random things about myself is enough attention for one month.




7.  I know I already stated my love for Pixar above, but I forgot to state my favorite genre of films.  I’m sure you will be surprised when I say that my all time fav is horror!  Yes I know I’m crazy, but I have this sick twisted love for horror films, old and new.  I’ve seen every horror movie you could possibly think of and own quite a few too.  I like to be scared and get my adrenaline going, especially when they’re based on a true story. 



8.  For the past 20 years I have been blonde.  My hair was as golden blonde as it could get and as a child I had white hair.  It wasn’t until two years ago I decided to do something drastic and dye my hair black, and loved it.  However, I have come to tone it down a little to dark brown.  But for two years everyone told me I looked like a complete different person.  Aside from loving my look and being different, the only downfall is when I go out and get carded…I was interrogated for what seemed like days.  I get asked the same things twice and still would have a hard time getting into places.  I never knew a color change would drastically change my look.  Now I just hand my ID and Credit Card at the same time because I know they’ll ask for another form of ID.




9.  I’m obsessed with flannels.  There I said it.  I heart flannels.  They are my kryptonite.  I have about every color of flannel you could think of and more than one person should own.  I wear them out, to bed, to lounge in, to work, to play, to the gym [haha I wish!]  But I have come to realize that my love for flannel shirts has become more of a stage 5 clinger thing; when I see one I cannot stop looking at it!  Their like a magnet.  That also goes for watches too.  You will never catch me without a watch on my left wrist for I feel so naked without one.  I can go without my phone for days, but a watch…HELL NO!  One time I drove all the way to work and noticed I forgot my watch and drove all the way home to get one.  I was late of course, but blamed it on traffic!


10.  I thought I’d end the last thing with something really stupid and random [hence the Random Rundown].  Since the 6th grade I have known how to speak Double G.  Yes, it is a language and I am a pro speaker.  However, none of my friends now know how to speak it, but it stuck with me.  I can read the bible in Double G.  It’s not hard once you get the hang of it, but whenever I try to teach the language, it never works out.  I guess you just have to born with it!  All I can say is to learn how to speak Double G, put a D G after every syllable in a word [i.e. wedding= wed-id-get-ti-ging]  So simple right!


How boring am I?  I’m sorry you had to go through that, but I hope you had a few laughs along the way.  Like I said I am a dork and proud of it!  I am also proud to be blogging on a regular basis and hope to meet a few other dorks out there in the blogging world.  My autograph signing will be next month at the local “bucks” [aka=starbucks] starting a 5AM on June 32th….just kidding….




So since I just put this together, I had to put it out. And YES, I have weddings to post from this past weekend and we’ll get to that- promise!

But, in the past few months I’ve been moving more and more into full-time event design [first in my heart, now into reality], so in response to this new chapter [which is really just a bigger page of the same chapter], I’ve made a new custom package for event design only. It’s not on my website yet, but it WILL be! Promise! I’m SO excited, I thought I’d share it with ya:


If anyone is having trouble narrowing their vision down to ONE theme/feel/vibe, if you’re overwhelmed with misguided inspiration, or if the look you want simply doesn’t seem to match up right with your venue- give me a call! This is what I love doing. I LOVE a challenge, and I love an event! I think my favorite part about the idea of this package is that it can really be tailored to fit any venue, any event, any WHERE! I’d love to get to help people all over the world put together their events and make them a smash hit, for any budget.

I love you all. You’ll hear from me in the next day or two, promise!



Email Down.



I seriously feel like my left arm [the “good” arm, in my case] has been cut off. Please don’t fret! [Though I’m saying this mostly to myself as I feel panic-stricken over the loss of my good friend, Inbox] I’m here! I’m here! I just can’t be emailed. Not sure why just yet but I’ve got a troop of elves putting their mind to the matter on this one.

Call if you need me. Or you can facebook me! :D It should be up and running in an hour or so. If your emails are getting kicked back to you… just be patient and email me later today mmmmmkay! Love you!



TWO years!


That’s right, folks. Two years ago on May 4th, ALICIA and her handsome love, Blake, got married!

Some of you may know this, some may not, but planning Alicia’s wedding is how we met. She hired me as her coordinator and we kinda just instantly clicked. But more than that, after we parted ways, two years ago today, we kept in touch due to her super amazingly fabulous pictures by Michael Norwood [which totally make Alicia look like “the hottness” if I don’t say so myself!!].

About a year and a month after her wedding, she contacted me, out of the blue, asking if she could shadow me because she was helping a friend and had no idea how to run a “day-of”. We have been an US ever since. And to say that I’m elated… well, that’s an understatement! She’s the best team mate a girl could ask for. Seriously, a God-send… straight from above!

Tonight will be, for sure, filled with all the romance and love and emotion that was present on the day of her wedding. I’m so honored that I got to be a part of their story, and more than that… honored that I get to call her a friend. Happy day, Leashy-poo! We all LOVE you to pieces. Kick up your heels tonight with your man and kiss a LOT! A picture or two of “the hottness”:


[…and then, YOU say “wow, you’ve got to be joking!”]


[and then I’m like “nope, I totally wasn’t! Right??”]



Pretty Sweet.


I’ll admit it. I have been a bad mama bird this week. And I feel like all of my little “puppy birds” [and yes, I call anything in baby form a puppy as prefix] may very well be lost with all of my oodles and poodles of antics/pictures/love that is part of the regularly scheduled programming here at the world-famous ITN blog [world famous to my mom, anyway!].

So, to make up for it… here’s a few things that are pretty sweet!







These sweet sweets are frankly just making me smile at the moment. And I am exhausted! After a long day up in LA that included both the flower AND fabric district, straight to a tasting, a quick meeting, and a kiss kiss hug hug with my lovely associate Leashy-Pookie-Puppy-kins…. [and don’t forget the traffic, RIGHT? It IS California], I’m happily sitting in bed typing out and pouring out these lovelies to all of you, MY lovelies.

What are you doing for your cake? Going tradish? Doing something fun and different? These pictures I’ve compiled from TONS of blogs and sites all over the ‘net. Please share your loves with me! They definitely inspire me to push myself more and more each day.

More than that… dwell on what’s making YOU smile, right now. Figure it out, seek it out, and stick with it. Maybe it’s the way that new “morning run” makes you feel the rest of the day, or it’s simply holding hands each night watching TV with your husband [or to-be]. Whatever it is… chase it, and don’t let go!



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