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I think it’s been established that I adore anything stylishly monochromatic. If not- well, now it has! These FABULOUS [beyond, really] bouquets whipped up by Carissa @ JL Designs are totally stunning. She, once again, knocks it out of the park by not only producing amazing monochromatic, modern bouquets- but does it to one of the most uniquely strange and intoxicating dress colors I’ve ever seen! Talk about a tough one to match!! Oh Carissa- I’m taking notes on your utter ridiculousness and writing it down so that I may some day be as great as you are, my dear!

Hope you’re loving this Friday like I am! I cannot believe half of the year has flown by already. 2010 has set itself up for so many amazing things- I almost am more excited to just look back at the end and see what unfolds. Until then, I’m hanging on with high hopes! Do the same, my lovelies!!



P.S.- random fact- on this day, June 11, 2002- my husband and I started [re]dating! It was merely a year later when I had a ring on my finger and was planning in full swing. I remember 6/11 vividly because he asked me if we could “count it from the 10th” so it’d be easier to remember. How romantic!! ;) Here’s to never forgetting the little things!! And by the way- he’s never forgotten, 11th or not!

I looooove the blog Style Me Pretty. I mean, come on, who doesn’t? Honestly!

So when our fabulous shoot photographer Jasmine Star told me she’d sent the photos from our cute-tastic Vintage Parisian Chanel Inspired Photo Shoot their way, I was in full-swoon for it! We got accepted, placed, and raved about so quickly it felt like a true whirlwind experience. I adored being a part of the shoot [and the head designer after the initial concept was presented to me] and these photos just remind me of such a fun, lovely experience. More on the shoot later, but for now… go leave love HERE and enjoy some great photos!

Big props to Jaclyne our amazing florist and of course my design partner-in-crime, Rachelkins!! Everyone deserves a sanity-keeper… am I right? Glad that I have mine!



OH my goodness. I’ll be honest- it was love at first sight for me and this bad boy!

I absolutely ADORE these romantically textured blossoms that grace little feathery poufs with a grey ribbon collar. If I got married again… this would be a serious contender! Thanks to Green Wedding Shoes for the inspiration [and the rest of that shoot is pretty fantastic so you should probably spend a solid 20 taking a look…], and to Aly at The Vine’s Leaf for the florals. She may be my brand new fave and I cannot, CANNOT, wait to work with her in the coming months!!

Lovely Friday to you all, my lovelies! What’s your favorite style of wedding posies? Loose, organic and wild? Tight, sleek, and slender? A bit in between? Focus on finding the you in this crazy wedding world, and when you find it- don’t let it go!



Now I can’t take credit for these, because this was Alicia’s client, from beginning to end! This sweet, totally wonderfully perfect Valentine’s Day wedding is 100% heart and 100% cute!

This dessert display is sooo channeling Amy Atlas! I’m in LOVE with the simple color combo and the Valentine feel to it. By the way, did you know that Krispy Kreme sells these little delicious heart-shaped donuts on Valentine’s Day only?? Brittany picked them up from the store on the way down to the wedding and they were definitely worth the extra trip [as the closest KK to Pala Mesa Resort is actually in Mission Viejo!!].

And one more precious detail:

Alicia came up with the idea to glue these little colored envelopes into the guest book, perfectly sized for each guest to sign their own Valentine to the bride and groom! So Martha of her!

You know, that’s how we roll here at In The Now! Details are a big deal. Details are the real deal. And we love them to pieces!

Thanks to Adrienne Gunde for making this look like a million bucks! We looove the pictures!! Can’t wait to share more with y’all!



Does my title say it all or WHAT!!

I’ve kinda gotten into the bad habit of forgetting to blog things that have been published online elsewhere. I will stop this- I promise. It’s important to me that you guys can come HERE to see my work and not have to track us down all over the old dubbeya dubbeya dubbeya for fantastic images of wedding inspiration.

Since my commitment to designing a new fresh tabletop each month is in total full effect, you’ll be bombarded almost constantly with images and features and inspiration boards and the like here on the blog. Which, I kinda have a crush on the thought of. Love it. The tabletop sessions for this year will actually focus more on party-style get togethers than actual weddings, but I like to think of my wedding style as more of an elegant, laid back design aesthetic whether or not it’s a party, wedding, or family get-together. So, it works. Here’s where the “+ Events” comes into play from the In The Now Weddings + Events. Ya see??

That being said, if you didn’t click over to the feature on Style Me Pretty, and if you didn’t see the ridiculously delicious teaser image that I posted last week, here are some of my faves! These images are all compliments of Two Auer Photo:


You had me at “cat-shaped-wine-bottle”!



My favorite, of course!


Love. Is. Forever.


Lace table cuff?? SO easy to do and such a big impact!


Ariel shots are totally my fave…



Texture of bengaline linens make me smile! Above, that’s my favorite detail shot. SO fun!




To see more description, pictures, goodness… click here and revel in the glory of Valentine’s Day all over again!!



Can I just preface this by saying I can now officially die HAPPY?? What wedding vendor isn’t going out of their mind at the thought of being featured on Style Me Pretty!!


I’m indebted to Abby for posting our images on her blog! I adore this Valentine’s table 100% and cannot think of a better place than Style Me Pretty to have it posted! There are tons more photos coming from this shoot but honestly- Abby posted them all over there!

So head on over to check it out and be SURE to leave a comment telling the world how much you love me! :D

Happy hearts and stuff!



I probably shouldn’t be showing you this. But, the fact of the matter is that I tweeted it myself over the weekend anyway. But really… at this point, it’s top secret info. Kinda. Sorta. A little bit. Okay maybe I’m being a bit dramatic! Either way, here’s my favorite table shot from the shoot I wrapped this past Saturday for our modern Valentine’s Day double date tabletop.

01 Valentine's Party

I am totally and completely in love with it, y’all. I think it’s sheer perfection. Hope you feel the same [and by that, I mean I hope you tell me you feel the same by pouring out your love for it- in comment form- below]!

As I work away like a busy little worker bee for my exceptionally large photo shoot this coming Thursday [you remember Romeo and Juliet, don’t you?], I’ve found myself out of time to connect with you my dear readers. But I promise, in the coming days, I will continue to give you little snippety sneaky peeks of what we’re up to. The designs, the decadence, the details. We are have soo much fun these days!

For now, I just have a quick brain teaser picture to help set that romantic mood. If you’re unsure of what to do on this weekend filled with cheap romance… my suggestion is to take that cheesy and make it REAL! Not cliche. Not overwrought. Not anything but true, heart-felt, and pure. I know you can do it. You’re in love, after all- whoever it’s with and where ever you find it, cling to it! I know I am!



I’m working on a photoshoot for about two weeks from now that has been deemed a “Romeo and Juliet” inspired shoot! I’m not typically the sappy romantic tabletop gal, as much as I am the quirky mod push-the-envelope-with-my-textiles kinda gal, but I’m totally thrilled to be whipping this shoot together! The texture of the linens, the ideas I’ve got for the flowers, and the vendor list that I’m already piecing together is exciting me greatly! Bear in mind that this shoot was just brought into my realm yesterday and consists of a faux ceremony, reception and a few cocktail details [as well as dressing the models!]. It definitely is keeping me on my toes! More on this to come, but for now, as I’m inspired by color, here’s the color board I’ve made to inspire!


Blush, ivory, a plum/eggplant, based with navy and accented with a dirty, murky gold! Lush and loving it!! Definitely one of many ways that I want to bring the modern element into the romantic setting and vibe that Romeo and Juliet bring to mind!

Since this is the time of year for styling and shoots and FUN for us designers, I’m soaking it in! Remember that if you want YOUR wedding professionally styled by us, don’t hesitate to visit the site, or just email me directly!

Make today a colorful one!



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