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Designer Swap Meet!


You may be familiar with this because a while back I blogged about it under a different name. Well, now we’re Designer Swap meet. Different name… yes. Same concept… YES! Lots of style… YES!! Please join us!

RSVP over at our eventbrite and let me know you love me… I mean… that you’re gonna be there!



Hello my dear lovely readers. Are you ready for what I’m about to tell you or WHAT?? Well, prep yourself…. we’re having a designer swap meet!! Whatever, you may ask, do I mean by that? I mean that In The Now [in conjunction with a handful of other painfully fabulous So Cal event designers] is selling off gently used goods swap-meet style to be snapped up by brides and friends alike, for their own weddings. It’s just such a brilliant idea… I can’t even handle it! The event will take place at the NOW studios [see flyer for address] and we are just thrilled with the participants involved!

Designers On-Board So Far:
1. In The Now
2. Events of Love and Splendor
3. Joyful Weddings
4. Jesi Haack
5. Simply Modern Weddings
6. The Treasured Petal
7. JL Designs

*And if you’re a designer who thinks you have a great “hand made” or “hand-me-down” that could be of use to the next generation of brides, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly for a booth space [space is quite limited at this point, as we want this fun and intimate and exclusive].

Please sign up for a ticket so that we know you’re coming! Would love to see lots of bright, smiling and familiar faces there [so past clients, bring new engaged or yet-to-be engaged friends!]. This could work well for anyone getting married, buying a new home, or just looking for some savvy buys to infuse some style into everyday life! We want *you* to have the trends you’ve seen on blogs, magazines… everywhere- come right to ya!



Howdy y’all!! Well- it’s that time of year again! The time where the gals from In The Now Weddings gear up for the season ahead and in order to do so, we’re looking for a fresh pair of helping hands to add to our team.

Mainly, what I’m looking for at this point is someone available two days a week to work in-office, during business hours [about 11am to 7pm, flexibly, but standard per-week]. This is an unpaid internship so please, volunteer knowingly and carefully! Time commitment will be about 10 hours per week plus any field work you’d like [attending meetings, working events, etc].

If you’re interested in spending the next 6 months of your life with us, please send over your own Random Rundown [i.e. 10 randomly unique facts about YOU, YOU, YOU] straight over to me for consideration! The deadline for applications is this Saturday, 3/27/10 with a start date on or near 4/1/10 for the internship!

**This post will remain at the top of the page ’til Saturday!**

We hope to hear from you soon!!



**Please Vote!**


We here at In The Now have a TON going on this week- lots of posts and pictures and pretties, but nothing more exciting than our styleboard being picked of one of the top 3 over at Wedding Chicks for their design competition!! You may remember our ridiculously perfect color palette that started it all from here. Well, now we’ve concepted the whole thing out, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

The contest winner will be styling a huge workshop with Chenin Boutwell + The Wedding Chicks and frankly, the idea that we came up with is so FAB, it pains me to think of NOT styling it. The details- in my head- are just amazingly ooey gooey goodness! Here’s the board that the WC gals put together for us. I supplied them with 60+ pictures for it, because that’s how I roll. THAT- y’all- is how I roll!

PLEASE GO HERE AND VOTE FOR US!!. We’re styleboard #2!! You can vote as many times as you’d like. The voting ends Saturday, March 20th! Would truly adore the support- especially if what we’re showing you so far looks unique and piques your interest as much as it did ours, putting it together!

**All new posts will go under this one until Saturday, March 20**

Oodles and oodles of things like poodles!! Vote, vote, vote!!



Fresh New Face!


I’m so excited I could pee!! Okay- maybe that was an over-share. But seriously… did you notice anything “new” about us today??

That’s right! Our new, sooo NOW blog and website are here!! There are plenty of new amazing features over on the site so if you’ve yet to go browse around… go do it!!!

Here’s a short list [what?! I’m list-y lately, love me for it!!] of things that I think you should squeal with joy about in regards to the new site:

1. Team Bios!! YAY! A biography page for each of us gals!

2. A short blurb on what we consider to be our ideal client, which is amazing! [As all of our clients are, anyway!]

3. Our ridiculous press and features slideshow page. Ugh. So blessed. Honestly!

4. The fun FAQ page!

5. The BEST for last… NEW GALLERY IMAGES!! We’re featuring about 20 weddings on the site as well as tons of tabletops in their own separate gallery. So thrilled! Lots of weddings and tables you’ve likely never seen before, either!

And in case you didn’t notice… my FAVE new blog features:

1. PICTURES of the team, on the right [more pics of our newer girls are to come… just gotta get us all in one place at one time!]

2. My heartfelt note at the top of the blog. I mean it, every word. And I’ll likely be changing it [as well as the team picture] often!

3. Our badges of honor, on the left. Adore!

4. The header!! I loooooove the header! These pictures were hand picked and hand paired by yours truly and I love each one of them. They’re my gals, my guys- my couples! My loves! I’m so proud to display them and see them on a regular basis.

Hope you all love it, too!! So- what do you think?? Vast improvement?? Worth the year-and-a-half I put into really thinking through what I wanted In The Now Weddings + Events to BE and stand for?? I sure hope so!

I’m off on a mini-cation with my main man. But I’ve got a gorgeous Friday Lovely in store for this week- so stay tuned! And be sure to leave some love and thoughts about the new site, too!!

Until we meet again, loves…



My goodness! Have you all been holding your breath or WHAT. I know. I’ve been making you wait forever. But the truth is… I’ve been working, sporadically, on my new website for the last year and a half. Sob story, I know it.

Alas, the day is approaching! And speedily! I cannot wait to show the world what the new In The Now Weddings + Events is all about. I can say this: it’s design-oriented. It’s modern and clean [and oh so pretty to look at]. And it’s UP TO DATE! It’ll give you pictures, bios, and familiarity with the team members. The gallery area will feature weddings that are current and oodles of inspiration. You can spend hours there. I know I have.

But until that glorious day comes, this will have to tide you over. The new teaser page:


And, the home page:


I’m synching my brand new blog to release the same day as the site so as we take a day or two to tie up all the loose ends, I hope you’re antsy with anticipation! Looking forward to being sooo IN THE NOW again!



This just in! There’s a HUGE sale for an event BETTER cause going on this weekend in Anaheim!

Christine Saunders of The Spiraled Stem sent this over to me, and it’s too good not to pass on to all of you!!


This Friday and Saturday February 27-28, the Brides Against Breast Cancer Nationwide Tour of Gowns stops in Anaheim! For two days only, brides can shop from a huge selection of wedding dresses in all sizes and with prices at 25-75% below retail. These beautiful wedding dresses have been donated by past brides, designers, salons, and manufacturers so that proceeds from the sales go to benefit Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation, a non-profit organization which grants end of live wishes for terminally ill metastatic stage IV breast cancer patients.

Power Hours
Making Memories will host special morning hours of operation to offer brides a “sneak peak” and first pick of the thousands of gowns available for her one special day. “Power Hours” are on Friday, February 27, 2009, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm – admission is $20, advanced registration is required, and space is limited.

Here are the details on the Brides Against Breast Cancer Wedding Dress Sale:

Anaheim Marriott Suites Hotel 12015 Harbor Blvd Garden Grove, CA

Power Hours:
Friday, February 27, 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Gown Sale:
Friday, February 27, 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Saturday, February 28, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Power Hour

Cash and credit cards are welcome. General admission is FREE.

A coupon worth $50 off any gown over $500 or $25 off any gown from $250 to $499 will be printed in the Orange County Register and the LA Times – Orange County Edition on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for additional savings! Brides must present the coupon clipped from the newspaper to redeem the discount.

To find out more- visit their websites by clicking HERE!!!

I wish I could be there myself but unfortunately no matter HOW I work my calendar I just can’t find the time. :( Next year for SURE! Hope to hear some fabulous stories about you getting great deals for a great cause!