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I think it’d be quite obvious that I’m “into” music. It’s a huge part of my life. It’s my husband’s job, it’s our livelihood, and it’s one of my passions. So, there are no surprises that music surrounds every aspect of my life. My crowd is the music crowd. And I don’t discriminate. I listen to it all. Though mostly you’ll hear me singing along to every SINGLE word of the newest Top 100 hits on the pop charts, I’ve got a soul for the eclectic, indie music scene just as much.

This is where Sara comes in. She’s a friend. An amazing friend. She married Josh’s best friend. She’s been a musician for forever. Literally. Not kidding. But tomorrow, her very first solo CD comes out. To say she’s fantastic is an understatement. Sara and her brother Sean grace the stage almost weekly up in LA Watkins Family Hour at Largo and watching them on stage, I’m typically taken away to a more simple time and entranced for as long as she keeps singing. I truly get to love her and her music simeltaneousy! What a treat. So, here’s my shameless plug…


Her album comes out tomorrow! It’s bluegrass. She plays the fiddle, you see. But more than that, it’s soul food. Heart food. Love food. My kinda food. If you have a moment, at least go and visit her site or better yet, her MYSPACE and listen to “All This Time”. It’s my fave. And if you ever catch yourself in downtown LA on a Thursday night… stop by Largo. Seeing her in person will be a gift that keeps on giving.

And because she married me and Josh’s BFF this past August [you may remember a few pics I snapped HERE], here’s one of their lovely and moving wedding portraits, courtesy of Andy Barron, music photographer extraordinaire:


Love music and it will love you back- every time.



Paper Source Sale!




I’ll admit it. I love paper. I love paper a lot. Which makes me picky. About colors. About matching. About texture, thickness, and quality. So when I heard that my beloved supplier of happy thoughts, Paper Source was having a huge, HUGE sale… I knew I had to share!

Paper Source is one of the constant places I depend on for most of my creative paper needs. Their concept of selling colors with matching sets makes whipping up an invite to match an escort card, program, and menu card pretty much flawless. But that’s not my favorite aspect. My absolute hands-down FAVORITE thing from Paper Source….?

The “luxe” collection. I can’t get enough. Nearly every invitation design suite that I am involved in will end up printed on luxe paper. There’s something utterly high-class about the soft texture. It’s not like a linen or a laid [which you could pick up in bulk at another staple Amanda fave, Kelly Paper]. It’s more of a deckled texture, and I think of it mentally as being marbled, but only one color. It’s the most gorgeous thing. I remember one time specifically last summer, working with Jessica, whose budget [for paper goods, especially] was so limited, we had probably under $1.50 each for her entire suite. The only pragmatic answer was to print-from-home. So I did. And when she saw her invitations, she gasped out loud at their beauty. Because the paper made them look like a million bucks. And she was right- they did!





You may not be able to feel the detail in these pictures, but it was divine in nature. It still is [sitting in my filing cabinet, waiting for the day in which it will be displayed in my office along with other paper designs].

All that to the said- they’re having a SALE. A big sale. A huge sale. With luxe products [certain colors] about 50% off. Among many, many other things. Paper Source is beautiful but it’s also a wallet-full. If you’re looking to use them, seriously go buy now!



Project Wedding Makeover!


So of course from time to time, I mosey on over to my listing on Project Wedding to see if any new reviews are up, ensure that all of my clients are happy, and check up on the status of the industry.

I was SO pleased tonight when I went over there and saw their BRAND new format for their vendor review pages. TOTALLY love it. Easy to read. Pretty to look at. Thorough and friendly. It makes me 100% happy.


If you aren’t really sure what Project Wedding is, and you’re trying to plan a wedding in southern California… you are missing the boat. They are probably THE most comprehensive vendor review site for So. Cal. vendors and I heart them SO big time. They enable engaged [and married] couples to set up a profile, search through inspiration images and real wedding pictures, chat with other brides and grooms, and of course- read vendor reviews from REAL clients, REAL PW members. They’ve been a huge part in my career and for that I am so grateful!


To stand on my soap box for a bit: it may sound like a broken record, but review your vendors! If you’re engaged right now, you know how overwhelming it can be, when you feel like you’re blindfolded picking these people and trusting them with your money and your most important day. Reviews from REAL clients that are unsolicited [as in NOT on the company website] are so crucial to knowing who you’re doing business with. You can see a ton of vendors that will pay for a booth at a bridal show- but unless you do your research, you won’t really KNOW. So when I say that PW made my career- I mean it. I am eternally in debt to my clients who took the time out of their busy newly-wed lives to spread the word about their experience with me. It’s such an important [and often overlooked] post-wedding element, I beg of you- make it a priority… if not just for me, for ALL of your vendors. Our integrity counts on it!

Alright- enough drama for one day. Now, GO TAKE A LOOK… it’s beautiful over there!



Mustard Seed.


I am a woman of faith. Faith in my beliefs, faith in my husband, faith in my clients, faith in my life’s passion. I put this in writing because, well, because I lost it this week.

On the way home from Redlands, Josh and I got into a raw discussion about life. I broke down. I’m not immediately sure why, but I know that at that moment, I felt like I was in a deep hole with no way out. No escape. I was trapped into this life situation and I was burying myself in it. I couldn’t even allow my dear, sweet husband to be in that hole with me. No, no, it was a one person hole.I cried. We sat in silence. For an hour. Maybe two. And today… change. It’s as if my lack of faith was exposed in such a way to shout it to all the rooftops. And it racked the world [well, my world] enough to right itself again. I’m constantly amazing at the blessings that life is bringing me. But, this time it’s not so much packaged in cute wrapping with the perfect bow as it is slapping me in the face and leaving a nice 5 finger hand print.

I get it. I GET IT. Now if I could only find that mustard seed…