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Invites: Christie + Seth

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Hey ya’ll! It’s been quite the while. Don’t fret, I’m back with some amazing invitations to share with you.

I┬álove how these invitations turned out. They got a bit of everything I think invitations should have – personalization, signature colors, a monogram of sorts, and awesome packaging.

Christie + Seth [you may remember them from here or here] wanted to have invitations that spoke to what they’re guests would experience at their wedding. Fun, rustic, eclectic, and full of loving details. What better way to say that than screen printed wood invitations?

The color palate for the wedding was a burnt orange, olive, and yellow. The wood seemed like a perfect backdrop to put the main invite on and use the other paper pieces pop with the rest of their bright colors printed on stark white.

The thing I love most about creating wedding invitations is when the design just “clicks.” A piece of information about the bride or groom, a special thing that’s going to be incorporated at the wedding, something about the venue, or just a simple color palate can all trigger these “clicks.” After that… things just WORK. Ideas come so rapidly and before you know it… we have something that is IT. For this invite, that moment came when I was told from Rachel that the ceremony was taking place under a huge oak tree. I loved it so much, it went on the invite, the direction card, and the RSVP card.

Doesn’t this look like the perfect sneak peak to what Christie & Seth’s wedding would be like? Lucky for you, The Wedding Chicks featured some incredible photos of the big day from Mathieu Photography. They are just incredible.

One tip for all of you who are thinking about invitations – whether it be for a wedding, a birthday party, or a fun get together – make it yours. Find a special “thing” to set your event apart from the others. Something that is special and will tie everything together. Something that speaks to who you are. Something that is … you.

Congratulations to you, Seth + Christie. May your life together be blessed with love forever!

With Love,


Well… almost.

I’ll be honest- although the industry right now seems to be flooded with designers who are inspired with the recent remake of Alice and Wonderland [this re-creating their versions of Alice’s Tea Party], the table that Grey Likes Weddings featured last week stopped my heart. In fact, ONE in particular detail left me swooning, big time…

The cake!! The mini three-tiered hedge of a cake with half painted red roses. You guys… I love it. I love the fondant work. I love the creativity. I love the attention to detail. I cannot get enough. The cake was crafted by the genius behind I Believe It’s Cake and for the past week [since I saw it] I’ve been trying desperately to find an excuse just to hang out in Laurie’s presence so I can hug her in person. You can visit the photoshoot feature and see many more pictures of the inspired design… but really, here’s what you’ll be looking for [and at!!]:

And yes- that little crown is the topper. But really, it’s the roses that send me over. And the fondant leaves. I’m not sure how aware you are but I’m obsessed with ANYthing shaped like a hedge!

I’m off to work a fabulous wedding with a wonderful couple at a top notch venue. What a way to start my weekend! Hoping this Friday finds you well, lovelies!



Does my title say it all or WHAT!!

I’ve kinda gotten into the bad habit of forgetting to blog things that have been published online elsewhere. I will stop this- I promise. It’s important to me that you guys can come HERE to see my work and not have to track us down all over the old dubbeya dubbeya dubbeya for fantastic images of wedding inspiration.

Since my commitment to designing a new fresh tabletop each month is in total full effect, you’ll be bombarded almost constantly with images and features and inspiration boards and the like here on the blog. Which, I kinda have a crush on the thought of. Love it. The tabletop sessions for this year will actually focus more on party-style get togethers than actual weddings, but I like to think of my wedding style as more of an elegant, laid back design aesthetic whether or not it’s a party, wedding, or family get-together. So, it works. Here’s where the “+ Events” comes into play from the In The Now Weddings + Events. Ya see??

That being said, if you didn’t click over to the feature on Style Me Pretty, and if you didn’t see the ridiculously delicious teaser image that I posted last week, here are some of my faves! These images are all compliments of Two Auer Photo:


You had me at “cat-shaped-wine-bottle”!



My favorite, of course!


Love. Is. Forever.


Lace table cuff?? SO easy to do and such a big impact!


Ariel shots are totally my fave…



Texture of bengaline linens make me smile! Above, that’s my favorite detail shot. SO fun!




To see more description, pictures, goodness… click here and revel in the glory of Valentine’s Day all over again!!



Can I just preface this by saying I can now officially die HAPPY?? What wedding vendor isn’t going out of their mind at the thought of being featured on Style Me Pretty!!


I’m indebted to Abby for posting our images on her blog! I adore this Valentine’s table 100% and cannot think of a better place than Style Me Pretty to have it posted! There are tons more photos coming from this shoot but honestly- Abby posted them all over there!

So head on over to check it out and be SURE to leave a comment telling the world how much you love me! :D

Happy hearts and stuff!



I probably shouldn’t be showing you this. But, the fact of the matter is that I tweeted it myself over the weekend anyway. But really… at this point, it’s top secret info. Kinda. Sorta. A little bit. Okay maybe I’m being a bit dramatic! Either way, here’s my favorite table shot from the shoot I wrapped this past Saturday for our modern Valentine’s Day double date tabletop.

01 Valentine's Party

I am totally and completely in love with it, y’all. I think it’s sheer perfection. Hope you feel the same [and by that, I mean I hope you tell me you feel the same by pouring out your love for it- in comment form- below]!

As I work away like a busy little worker bee for my exceptionally large photo shoot this coming Thursday [you remember Romeo and Juliet, don’t you?], I’ve found myself out of time to connect with you my dear readers. But I promise, in the coming days, I will continue to give you little snippety sneaky peeks of what we’re up to. The designs, the decadence, the details. We are have soo much fun these days!

For now, I just have a quick brain teaser picture to help set that romantic mood. If you’re unsure of what to do on this weekend filled with cheap romance… my suggestion is to take that cheesy and make it REAL! Not cliche. Not overwrought. Not anything but true, heart-felt, and pure. I know you can do it. You’re in love, after all- whoever it’s with and where ever you find it, cling to it! I know I am!



Hop on over to see it in it’s full glory, but YIPPPEEEEE for Shannykins and Scott’s rustic homespun wedding being featured on the beyond-fabulous and famous blog of Jen Campbell, Green Wedding Shoes! Fun, fun fun!

A little preview to whet your appetites [of course, I just kinda sorta gave you that yesterday, right below, with the description of Shannon’s flowers!!]:


The farm-inspired portraits, the historic site location [which was in her family!!], the large bridal party, the funky, fun, unique wedding was full of vintage glamour and homespun wedding details. Really, it’s worth the moment it’ll take to soak it in!!

Visit the Green Wedding Shoes post directly and brag about how you “knew us when”, ’cause these So Cal Event Gals are going places!!

Hoping you’re making your Friday full of lovely “features” in life of your own! Enjoy the rain- we hardly get it here and I find no reason to complain when it IS here! I’m one of those stand-outside-without-an-umbrella-and-just-enjoy-it types of gals. And I love it!



Okay. I couldn’t wait. Not a MOMENT longer. Because R&J are probably dying to see a snippet of their wedding. As April Smith goes to town editing their REAL pictures, I just have to share these. Blur and all. Or, what I like to call it: heart and all!

The Pro Lineup:

Photographer: April Smith Photography
Venue: Sheraton Anaheim Hotel
Videographer: Mike Mills @ Videotape My Wedding
Stationary: Anne @ The Paper Stylist
Cake & Sweets: Tomgirl Baking Co.
All floral and decor: The [now] infamous Uncle Lou!

When I arrived to the venue, the set up was in FULL effect, which allowed me to snag some detail shots right off the bat. For not being a full time pro florist, I’d say that Uncle Lou outdid himself [um, times 15 tables!!].


Their favors were mini windchimes and magnets straight from the Philippines. Ironically enough, Jereco and Ruby BOTH grew up on the same island in the Philippines but had to make it all the way to America to meet and marry. Did I mention that this year is their 10 year anniversary together?? When I say it’s ABOUT time, I mean it!



SO many fun details just in the centerpieces. lights, crystals, action!



A gorgeous photo-filled guest book!


These little guys were my LABOR of love:



The red up-lighting went on and BAM the cake turned a whole new shade of gorgeous!




And of course, Tomgirl provided even more delicious desserts [which lasted umm about 10 minutes!!] for the guests, in conjunction with some traditional candies:


Pastor and the GUYS at the Sheraton, they came up with this display. How much do you love that? I walked back into the room [left them alone for maybe 10 minutes!!] and 4 dudes were huddled around the table, placing stands, mirrors, and lining up pastries into perfect rows. WOW. That’s all I can say!



Ruby was such a happy bride. I snapped this just after portraits, before the ceremony:


Some ceremony site pictures:




Ruby was walked down the aisle by both parents.


As we wrapped up cocktail hour, I tried my best to wait patiently while April got some KILLER [I just know it] shots of Rubes and Jer in one of my favorite places at the Sheraton- their lobby [sooo modern and fun!]. But, I couldn’t resist! A few scrappy seconds:





A quick shot of her bouquet:


And now, onto the festivities! Their first dance:


As Ruby leaned into her husband and sang their song with tears in her eyes, I leaned on the wall of the room and cried alongside of her. There is something so honest- soo genuine- about their love. It’s why I’m in business.


A few words from our bride and groom:


The little girls [nieces of the bride] performed a special dane to a Hannah Montana song. One that Ruby knew ALL the words to. Watching her and Jereco clap along the whole time: priceless!!


And, the last 3 of the night, in sequence:




Such a good sport!! All in all, the night was nothing but perfection! We danced. We laughed. We cried. We shared memories to last a lifetime and fill a ballroom. And it all ended with a literal bang- fireworks!!!

Ruby- you and I always had so much fun together. I used to look forward to our phone calls, our late night meetings, our jokes, and our eager anticipation for your big day. Now… I just plain miss you! I KNOW that your wedding was everything you’d hoped for. I know it, cause I was there. And I saw you. And I saw the way that boy looked at you… right with his heart. I’m so glad I got to be a part of this crazy, chaotic, amazing time in your life! I’ll cherish it forever!



I couldn’t think of a better couple to share my first traditional Jewish ceremony with. Not only was the Rabbi INCREDIBLY professional, he was personal, he was able to explain all the traditions, and he MADE the ceremony for me [and, um, you know, Tam & Matt!].

The Lineup:

Photos: Max Ader
Reception Venue: Holiday Inn, Laguna Hills
DJ: Authentic Sound
Flowers: Petals By Marsha

Our day started off at Heritage Park, in Dana Point, for a seaside ceremony filled with love and laughter!


Tamara knit all of these by herself. She is a crazy person. This is why we love Tamara.


The wine, the ketubah, the challa, the breaking glass…. pretty good lookin’ table!



I LOVE that their chuppa was draped with garments from Matt’s grandfathers. SO personal!



A good friend of mine wore a dress with many pickups in the skirt YEARS ago, and I called her a “whipped cream dream”- now every time I see one I want to say it! Tammykins, you were a WHIPPED CREAM DREAM on your big day!

During the ceremony, the bride circles the groom three times…


Then his turn, around her, thrice:


Then both circle together:


He lifts the veil “to ensure he’s got the right one” [alluding to the biblical story where the groom marries the sister of the one he loves instead of his actual love! Imagine!!]:



Breaking the glass, to remember that life is fragile and that this commitment is permanent [can’t be put back together]:


FINALLY! Time to kiss!!


Over to the reception- T&M kept their daytime affair very simple and stylish. The hotel gave them SO much decor- upgraded linens, chargers, candles for their centerpieces…. it turned out simply amazing!



Their favors were little organza bags of dark chocolates that matched their colors [burgundy and gold] perfectly!



Their formal first dance!


I loved the movement in her skirt on this one:


LOVED these moments:



Tamara was deathly afraid of this part and hid it well… for a whole 30 seconds [can I blame her? I’d FREAK!]!! Matt, on the other hand…


Blessing and breaking of bread.


THIS is my job. Did you not know? Have you not heard?




One quick shot of that snazz-tastic bouquet she had goin’ on:


And to wrap, a shot of me, with the challa [or what was left!]… which of course is pronounced “hall-uh”, not too far off from “HOLLA!!!”, and so…. me+challa=



T&M: I’m so sorry I took FOR.EV.ER to blog your photos! I loved being a part of your day. Your ceremony was so emotional. So passionate. So personal. I loved the look into who you two are, as a couple, and learning more about your heritage and families. It was an honor to witness your love. It’s an honor to be a part of your lives. I know that your honeymoon was the much needed [and much deserved] vacation which came at the perfect time. Hopefully you’re holding your heads high with heavier ring fingers and that newly-wed glow!



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