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Since we’re still waiting for images from the darling duo at Figlewicz Photography [and their right hand gal, Whitney Turner], I’m just going to give you a few quick preview shots of what’s to come from our perfect Palm Springs November wedding [literally, just flawless and fierce], compliments of yours truly [and let’s face it- yours truly’s husband, him truly]:

We opted for mini bottles of champagne in lieu of the traditional glass for toasts. Not only did it give a whimsically rustic nod, but the champagne is delish and a cute tag pulled the decor together! Like 95% of the detailed cuteness factor is owed to Kristen, my adorable intern-turned-graphics-guru. She took their invites and whipped out a full suite of materials for their big day. Font matching… no problem! Color scheming… a breeze! I’m so thankful for her technically trained little heart, her passion for design, and her total can-do attitude even with last minute projects!!

peach jam jar homemade wedding favor

A close-up of the homemade peach jam favors [yep, made by the mother of the bride, such a trooper!!]. We had a last-minute change of heart with the ribbon choice but I’m glad it ended up how it did. Natural cotton herringbone, meet your perfect match:

We actually had a few different images of the monogram dance floor decal, but I completely adore the one above. Love that the decal is in focus, love the little bud running across it. Love it! These finishing touches go a long way to leave an impression in your guests’ minds. They don’t break the bank, either [we promise]. Have I mentioned lately that we’re whiz kids on a budget? Just try us!! And one last grainy snap for y’all of our beverage containers with vinyl drink names

So moody. So vibey.

This is actually a trick that we’ve utilized a lot lately [the recently published Mexican Inspired Wedding Shoot and the to-be-blogged Serra Plaza event to name a couple!]. It’s the best, most effective and stylish way to alert your guests of their beverage options. I’m a fan. A big one.

More details to come [as we did the flowers in-house for this wedding] and lots and lots and LOTS more face time with Az and Jonathan in the future weeks!!


Sneak Peek: Sweet Suites!


The In The Now graphics gals have been busy this season with some pretty cute projects. And we’ve finally gotten our act together to capture them properly [in prepping to update onto our precious main site over the winter!!]. So, here’s just a teensy taste of what is in store for you all on the paper trail:

A chic simple design where we utilized screen printing onto wood and packaged it into a box with rustic wood filler:

An elegant, formal invitation that just screams “fancy” for this July all-black-requested affair:

A modern take on the Mexican fiesta-style wedding invitation featuring loads of papel picado and hand-drawn graphics:

And lastly, a super clean, modern invitation suite for a recent industry event [that went from nothing to packaged in literally 3 days- that is what I call efficiency!]:

Stay tuned for posts on each as they get their moment in the sun from the designers!


Sneak Peek: Brooke + Toon


Now, I don’t typically do “sneak peek” engagement sessions [do I??], but, Brooke just casually sent this my way via email and I about jumped out of my skin with delight when I saw it!! Having never worked with her photographer, Tikko Studios, before- I really didn’t know what to expect. But this… this was definitely exceeding. I adore this photo and now I simply cannot wait to see the rest. [Do you see what I did there? I became a polite version of my alter-ego “Demanda” by essentially letting Brooke and Toon know they must send me their images now. Don’t worry guys, it’s all for your benefit, not mine!]

Cute, right? I wish you could all meet them in person and just hug on them the way I always get to when we meet!! There’ll be more where this came from right around the corner. You betcha!


I know, I’ve been pretty good at keeping things under wraps lately. This just means that during the winter you all will have SO much to look forward to. It’ll be like brain-over-stimulation when you visit the blog. In all the best ways.

But for now, here’s some quick candy-like treats for the impending Hallow-day!

And a few quick deets for ya:

Yes, that last one is me. Holding a ring bearer’s “pillow” made of succulents and button mums. Dying. I just love so many things about this wedding [um, including our drop-dead-gorgey-kins bride and groom!!]. Much thanks go to for his shooting abilities. I can’t wait to show you more. But alas… it’s always good to have something to look forward to, right??

Hang in there for me!


This is just a nice little lick from the ice cream cone that is the upcoming mega-post of details from my dear friend Angi’s wedding [which occured last weekend. And yes, I played planner/designer/bridesmaid/fabulosa. Don’t doubt!].

If you’ve met me, you know I love a good solid monogram. The theme for Angi and Ryan’s September nuptials quickly became hearts, and love. Because really, it’s all we’ve got- it’s all we need- it’s all we are. So when designing the paper products for her wedding, I whipped up this amazing heart-gridded background and playful font combo, tying the bow-on-top with the phrase “with love.” onto everything. And yes, this is a monogrammed flag. Which was flying 25′ above the gazebo where they tied the knot… flying high, in the name of love [and Angi and Ryan].

I cannot wait to share more [professional] images from this intimate, utterly FUNderful wedding- but until then, soak in the idea of making everything feel quaint and personal simply by being you, sharing your story, and going big [or, ya know, going home]. This flag didn’t break the bank and certainly gained enough gasps to be worth every cent.

Just something we do here at In The Now. And that makes me have “I-don’t-care-about-sitting-in-Friday-traffic” happy dances randomly in Starbucks [whilst enjoying their free wifi]. Handle yourself today with love.


Sneak Peek: Steph + Tom


As if my week could get any better! HONESTLY. I have the best, most gracious, faithful, encouraging clients in the world. I believe it to my core. They are so passionately for me, and I’m endlessly thankful. And now this… this beautiful, amazingly inspiring CD sitting before me, bursting with gorgeously taken photos from the likes of Trever Hoehne. Now- I can’t show you many of them. They will remain to be seen at a later time. But I have to show you a few. Just a few of my favorites- because I know Tom and Steph. I love Tom and Steph. And these photos leave me breathless.

The wordlessly beautiful Stephanie. I realize it may be an odd- almost eerie- picture to post but I think it’s captured so lovely and so perfect. Plus, I’m all about the slightly odd, semi-macabre wedding photos.

LOVE this:

And this [again with the odd and unusual] may be my ultimate fave:

Lastly, a very important one… for the road!

Love my job, love my love… LOVE my job! Their ever-so-detailed and fun French inspired wedding and reception will be in it’s full glory soon enough. Until then, soak it in [all the love and awe of childhood] like a sponge.



I styled a cute, 1940’s style “Sleeping Beauty” engagement session a few weeks back and here’s a preview.

Yes, I know. It doesn’t look so vintage here. It also doesn’t look so Sleeping Beauty. But it’s not like me to be all theme and no quirk. And thus, the quirk attack. LOVE these cute little signs I whipped up the morning-of. Shouldn’t everyone be holding these, ALL THE TIME??
More [vintage-y, sleep-y] to come on this one from Bethany Belle Photography!



Thanks to Dave Richards, there are many more of these headed our way in the near future.

I know, you can’t even wait. And neither can I. Yay for love!



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