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I am Thankful.


A simple post as a simple reminder for me to look back on in the years to come.

I am thankful.

Thankful for a husband who inspires me to do my best.

Thankful for a career that I love wholeheartedly.

Thankful for a lifestyle that is flexible to my needs [as much as I flex myself to it].

Thankful for a hard-working group of people who seem to surround me, labor joyfully alongside of me, and do so with a smile on their faces and a skip in their step.

Thankful for a family with which I can celebrate health and happiness.

Thankful for time- and the years I’ve had so far in life [they’ve been a journey].

I am thankful. I am thankful. I am thankful.

I hope you are all thankful as well.


There is something so ridiculously lovely about this photo from Feather Love Photography that I found courtesy of Jen at Green Wedding Shoes. Those smiles are SO real! The lighting. The wrap. The bouquet! Ugh!! I couldn’t love it more!

Have a whimsy-filled weekend, dears!



Meet Kristen!


I can’t believe I haven’t done this sooner… this my dearies, is the newest member of The Family! Meet Kristen, y’all! She’s sweet, up beat, on the ball, gets things done, and definitely has a “no task too small” attitude [thank you Lord because I sure as heck needed it]! Now I realize that she may kill me for posting these “behind the scenes” candid portraits but I just could NOT resist giving everyone a small taste of what it’s like in the NOW Studios!

She’s the one keeping me in line, on track, helping with studio organization and cleanliness, and emailing from our beloved address for the time being! I couldn’t be more thrilled. She’s the best office intern a team like ours could ask for! Talk about diving right in! We had to really give her a trial by fire welcome as we were in the midst of an insanely busy month… but she stepped right up to the plate!

Aaaaaad just in case you’re wondering- yes, those are hand made coffee sleeves wrapped around those cute lil biceps. Here’s a pic of them making their royal debut at the Stylelab last week!

[Thanks, Diana Elizabeth for the great pic of the sleeves!!]

Kristen, SO glad to have you as a part of the team! You’re the perfect fit. Can’t wait to watch you grow with us!



Keep in mind…


I’m re-posting my winter special! I’ve had a few of my brides tell me that people have asked them if it’s still on and YES it is! I’d love to help with your November or December 2007 wedding…


I know! I spelled December wrong. I was working quickly when I made this, didn’t proof read, saved the picture file but not the edit-able file. Whoops. I look like an idiot…

In other news, a few weeks back I received a cute-as-a-button little save the date postcard from one of my ’08 gals. Thought I’d share:


Yep, it’s backwards. I would have flipped it, but right now my programs on my computer are being a little fishy… hmm. We can deal, right? CUTE though. I love it! And yes, it’s on my fridge.

Okay, so I’ve been mulling over this with my husband [and I should have just called my sister, who worked for her college paper and came up with headlines all the time] about what I can call this post. But, this works for me. Here are the debates we’ve had [and nothing has stuck…]
1. Tis The Season [technically, too early]
2. Slicing and Dicing [too food-y]
3. Giving Back [kina thanks-giving-y. but, also kinda cheesy]

You can imagine. Really, let’s get to the point: I have nothing booked for the rest of the calendar year past this weekend! I want to end the year with a BANG, so if you are looking for a coordinator or know someone who is, send them my way! I’m offering a HUGE discount on my pricing for the end of ’07! Make me an offer I can’t refuse!!!

After all, ‘Tis the season for slicing and dicing my pricing and giving back to those who have given to me. :)
It’s getting ridiculous right? Well…. spread the word!!!

Anyone and everyone is elligible for this offer!