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Trend Talk: Number Me Fancy

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Happy Monday!

To kick off your week, we’re starting a reader response driven blog convo about wedding trends. The heart behind this is to encourage discussion with brides, vendors, fans and friends, about anything from design to fashion to etiquette, bring it on! I know you’re dying to ask… :)

We’re starting off this fun topic with….table numbers.

We’re often asked about those boring pieces of plastic that you see at Carl’s Jr (or at table number two with your new in-laws). Or, they can be wire numbers hand bent to match the same font that’s on your invitation/programs/design suite…as evidenced below:

At ITN, we believe that every item on your tables (and in your wedding!) should be purposeful and aesthetically pleasing. Brides, you’ve put all this effort into the linens and china, why ruin it all with a piece of plastic on a metal stand? Let’s just make those numbers part of your table!

These stained wood blocks with a sophisticated vinyl application were conceptualized and handmade by our very own Rachel! What I love most about these table numbers (besides the adorable key that is just the cherry on top), is the contrast on the table. Your guests aren’t straining to see their table numbers – it’s not hidden amongst a centerpiece or blending into the linen – it’s functional and fabulous!

Photogs, how often do you remove that cut out piece of paper stuck onto cardboard in order to get that table shot? At Courtney and Geno’s wedding, that didn’t have to happen – because the table number was seamlessly worked into the set up. Less clutter – more efficiency.

And who says a table number has to be of actual numerical value? At Irene’s wedding, we used cities as table numbers, which were places that the bride and groom had visited together. Adorable and personal.

I hope that this added a smile onto your face this Monday – and that it gets you thinking about how to make things fun and functional =)

So don’t forget to email me some current wedding trends that you’re interested in discussing (or you can write on our facebook wall!). Then on Monday, we’ll respond. This is meant to be a conversation instead of a soap box, so friends, let’s trend talk!

Celebrate: Bianca!


Time to share more pics from our recent feature in Inside Weddings Magazine, an intimate party in honor of Bianca Juarez [the fabulous twin of photog extraordinaire Jasmine Star]. Such a fun family to work with!

Our intimate seating table complete with hanging crystal-and-plexiglass chandelier, whipped together by the In The Now team!

To give you a quick background: this event was loosely based off of the inspiration shoot we’d worked on together a few months prior. An upscale bridal party for a group of close friends was the idea [almost a bridal party brunch of sorts] and we whipped out some fabulous details that were original and gorgeous [umm just ask me- was that too much tooting of my own horn?!]! For this shower, we wanted to give a distinct look and feel that was different than the last shoot we’d done, but still emulated the idea of intimacy and class. So, we themed it right quick: diamonds are forever.

Left: each of the girls, on their place settings, received a perfectly obnoxious large fake diamond ring to flaunt for the day. Stuck in the ring box for this photo, is the menu. We kept it simple by printing on pretty white paper and wrapping with a sparkly twine. Each “i” in Bianca’s name was adorned with a rhinestone accent.
Right: we wanted the party to feel very clean, simple and streamlined, so we opted for all-white, monochromatic and mono-styled florals in clear rectangle vases. Shown is a vase of tulips but we varied them between roses, hydrangea, and ranunculus as well.

Left: Because we wanted things to be uncluttered, we opted to brand the water glasses as a way to seat the guests. Each name was marked on the outside of the glass using a vinyl sticker.
Right: A view of the table’s details- the gorgeous sparkling charger plate as well as the luxe dupioni silk napkin. We paired frosted plates with white china to mix elements of diamond white and sparkle throughout the event!

Jasmine mentioned this on her blog- but, the real inspiration for this party was the fact that Jas herself had to miss her sister’s bridal shower due to the busy wedding season. We wanted to create something extra special and ultra personal. We did our best to infuse style and class into a party we knew had to be kept intimate and special for someone so near to Jasmine’s heart!

Left: our menu, which was thematically named after the “four c’s of diamonds”- cut, color, clarity, and carat. They also coincided with each dish, which I loved! We’re quite thematic.
Right: A detail shot of our gorgeously dripping chandelier

Left: A twist on the perfume station at the shoot, we opted for a salt scrub station with simple scent options at Bianca’s party. The jars were pre-filled with chunky salt and an unscented base [baby] oil, and ready for scenting!
Right: The oils were displayed neatly, stacked onto boxes full of crushed white glass and donning simple descriptive name tags. Spoons were placed to the side of each, for the gals to give a quick stir and mix in the scent thoroughly.

A shot of the scent station all lined up.

The invitation read that the guests should wear white to this daytime soiree- and it worked out perfectly that Bianca wore a steel grey dress [that of course we found for her- because what girl doesn’t love being STYLED for her special occasion!] to give her that extra pop of special attention.

Left: In the blurry foreground, you can see that our simple cake plates were adorned with shimmery ribbons to give extra pop. Our branding was kept simple and featured throughout the event on these clear stylish easels.
Right: The cake was simple, luxe, and delicious! With a sugar-encrusted center tier, and complete with a “floating” cake topper [which is really a plexi disc and embellished with vinyl decal], it was a smash hit!

For an extra fun bonus, we set up a white chocolate fondue station complete with white hot treats! The gals munched and laughed as they relaxed in these ridiculously fun exaggerated wing back chairs.

Left: Mini covered ice cream dishes were brought out to compliment the warm fondue goodies. Guests could dip their choice of cheesecake, angel food cake, or rice crispie treats [or all 3!]. The clear skewers set the perfect mood, as did the thick glass plates the items rested on. In case you can’t tell, the clear skewers are also crystal-adorned at the bottom tip! An extra touch of perfection [and a painstaking detail!!]
Right: A shot of our coveted wingback chairs [as well as a splash of our homemade sequin lumbar pillows- soo cute! We’re thrilled the gals enjoyed this sweet treat station!

More dipping, eating, and laughing!

I firmly believe that presentation is EVERYTHING when it comes to even the smallest of parties. So, when we focus on our events, we focus on how the guests will be exposed to the details. Things like trays, description or instruction cards, lining up of signature drinks, or any display become crucial elements in your guests’ experience of your day [wedding or not!]. Knowing this, we planned B’s gift station accordingly. With a place for everyone, and everything in it’s place.

Left: Bianca’s thrilled to open her gifts from guests- you’ll note the ridiculously oversized clear disc with the word “gifts” splashed across it. That allowed guests to know where to drop their offerings. The small settee made a perfect place for the bride to sit. Each chair for the guests had a mirrored table next to it, boasting a personal champagne bucket, mini POP bottle, and a flute for sipping.
Right: A light splash of French Lemonade [like sparkling lemon water, really] lined up just so and enjoyed along with the desserts from earlier.

Left: To really give a flow to the event, and knowing this portion was to be outside- we continued the feel of the blue color by bringing it in through the mini bottles of champagne. This close-up look at the side tables shows what each guest was offered at the event while Bianca opened her gifts [typically this time is such a “write off”- we really wanted to make it a touch more special for this one!].
Right: After the gifts are open, a group hug and toast all together was enjoyed by the girls

And just so you know how fun it really turned out to be, here’s a few shots of the gals enjoying themselves in it:

I tend to refer to myself as a ‘Mama Bird’- both to my clients [I love being the guiding, protective mama bird from the industry to them] and also to my team. So, this Mama today is so incredibly, endlessly proud. And, I’ll be honest- I’ve been proud for a long while: since October, when Christie and Seth tied the knot and my girls Rachel and Sharon rocked their flawless, totally detailed wedding day into existence. So when I heard that the wedding was recently featured on the stellar Wedding Chicks blog, I was brimming and beaming about it for my girls [and for all the other vendors involved]!

The wedding was fun, whimsical, rustic, chic, and totally personality-driven with one of the most characteristic and lovely couples we had the pleasure of working with from 2010. It’s always an honor to have our efforts noticed [and featured]- and I couldn’t be more honored to have a team of people assembled who are willing to work hard, make beautiful events happen, and do it all with a smile on their faces!

Hop on over to the post for lots of pictures of their gorgeous wedding feature! And of course- more thanks must go to Matt and Molly Snelson for their incredibly consistent work capturing amazing photos of our truly-in-love-ly couples [um, just made that term up and I am SO into it!].


The fabulous Mary Lallande from Jay’s Catering approached us and asked if we would be interested in designing and planning an opening party for event planners to introduce a new Southern California Venue. Of course we said yes, without hesitation! The venue is question in Serra Plaza, a fantastic little [actually, not so little. It can hold up to 450 people!] spot near the Historic District of San Juan Capistrano.

The first thing that popped into mind was kraft paper, graphic phrases, and neutrals with a pop color. You know how I am with the pop color. It’s my fave. Keeping it muted really let the venue shine, since, a-doi, that’s what we were there for!

For the guests we made cute balsa wood boutionniere’s with their names printed on kraft paper leaves, and they were encouraged to “Pin One On”. The bouts were attached to a fantastic glitter board, created by us In The Now girls, with a special blend of Martha Stewart Glitter of course.

The guests were then prompted to “Beat The Odds” by entering a raffle using a specially made wedding planner Mad Lib card. (‘Twas a hoot, let me tell ya’.)

Next, we had some very delicious libation options. Annabelle’s Coffee came by, where you could “Get Your Fix”, or you could “Cool Your Jets” by the bar, and then sass up your bubbly at the “Dress Your Drink” station.

For some fun, Cheesy Photobooth’s rolled up to give the peeps a reminder that “This Was Fun”. And of course, it was, if I don’t say so myself!

In keeping with the three word phrases, we added vinyl on kraft paper runners and invited the guests to “Pick Your Seat”.

We used the AMAZING Onyx Charger from Classic Party Rentals and interspersed kraft paper plate wraps amongst the place settings.

If you were feeling a bit parched from the midday sun, we put decals made by Creative Media Print on swingtop bottles so you could “Have Some Water”.

Sussanna from French Buckets put together the florals for us.

Jay’s Catering, Good Gracious!, Sundried Tomato Cafe, Andrei’s and Delicieuse French Ice Cream offered up their delicious fare.

These tasties from Good Gracious! were melt in your mouth delicious.

The event was topped off with a gorgeous bridal fashion show styled and orchestrated by Hope Stanley from Mary Me Bridal, with hair and makeup by the ever so sweet Vivian Tran and the All Made Up Team. Seriously, they were amazing! Large Banners were hung from the breezeway letting everyone know where the show was to take place.

And you might remember this model…it’s Brooke! One of our brides to be.

And THIS model is one of our lovely interns, Carizza!

On the way out, the guests grabbed a swag “box” filled with yummy goodies like Izzie’s and gourmet graham crackers from Sugar Tart.

Many, many, MANY thanks to all the wonderful vendors who worked on this super fun event! It was truly a team effort.

Annabelle’s Coffee
Ashleigh Taylor Photography
BBJ Linen
Cheesy Photo Booths
Creative Media Print
Cynthia Bower at Classic Party Rentals
Delicieuse French Ice Cream
French Buckets
Good Gracious! Events
Hope Stanley at Mary Me Bridal
Jay’s Catering
Joel at Studio EMP
Martin at Waveform Events
Serra Plaza
Sundried Tomato Cafe
Sugar Tart

Vivian Tran and the All Made Up Team

*whew* What a list! All in all it was a splendid day in a splendid place.

Thanks, as always Ms. Vera Wang for your exceptional handiwork and swift design intellect. You have brightened my day with your warm muted palette:

Not frilly like pink, not cold like blue; just simple and warm. With the perfect proportion of fullness and interest. Shouldn’t we all be so balanced? [Plus, hello, that TOP- I die!]

Seek and ye shall find, dear readers!


Have you ever had a secret so good that you just want to pinch yourself to make sure it’s true? But then you can’t really- because it’s still a secret. And the less you “can” talk about it, the more you want to talk about it but then you have to take about it in code and it really makes no sense anyway? I lost you on that last part, didn’t I?

Well- THIS was my secret! Ever since we had the chance to work with Jasmine Star earlier this year, we’ve been connected at the emotional hip. So when she called me to ask about designing a fabulous party for her twin sis, Bianca and her quickly approaching wedding, we were absolutely delighted [and honored, inspired, thrilled, literally laughing with excitement]! The best part? It was for an intimate group of good friends. So, one table to set, one delicious activity needed, one small cake and one day to totally leave a lasting impression for a girl I grew to love like my own family. Bianca is just as infectious as her twinner and I’m so honored to know them both. The shower we put together graced the pages of the most recent issue of Inside Weddings Magazine [their winter issue] and I couldn’t be bubbling with more joy from it!

The 2-page spread:

This is truly just the tip of the iceberg for images from this perfect soiree. I cannot wait to do a full feature of Jasmine’s gorgeous images in the near future [you’ll die at the fondue station, the mini milk shots, and the crystal chandelier that didn’t make the feature]!

Jas and B: thanks for entrusting this huge job to us! We truly loved being a part of it, whipping it together- making it classy, timeless and full of love for such a special lady. This is just the tip of the iceberg for you, too, you know. :)


I will say this, publicly [and never enough]: I am only as strong as our weakest link at In The Now. And I am beyond blessed with the people who have been brought into this company by chance, happenstance, serendipity and straight up need [whom God has graciously led here]. This year was full of TONS of memories- at weddings, at the studio, at team meetings, at random coffee and dinners out, at late night crazy craft sessions. I am thankful for the people who surround me. It makes me wish we captured more pictures than I can post! But, here’s the teensiest splash of our vibrant team!

Josh getting “the shot” for me in the back alley:

Rachel and Sharon rockin’ the guys boutonnieres in September:

Making Brittany model wedding dresses for consideration in a shoot early this year:

The whole vendor team for one of our fabulous June weddings:

Krissy with cupholders on her biceps back in May [for our StyleLab workshop!!]:

Josh and I waiting in a bed on a field. No big deal.

Sharon’s perfect thought bubble pic [after about 3 cups of coffee and 2 redlines]:

I think this wedding is collectively one of our *favorite* this year [we talk about it all the time]- golf carts, tons of details, catastrophes resolved… the whole 9 yards:

Doing my favorite thing ever:

I literally text pictures like this to clients after picking up dresses. This one was for Melissa, June 16:

Rachel blushing because she was *endlessly* hit on by this DJ:

The team gals grubbin’ at Gypsy Den before a Monday Meeting:

Sharon and her husband modeling for us:

Me and my adorably sleepy interns on the way home from a styled shoot for the Wedding Chicks:

This is how we roll with our clients:

I always ask Josh to take images for me [at shoots and weddings] when I’m running around. I always regret that decision:

Kristen and I agreed- cake looks great!

The “good sport” crew who hustled with us to set up a shoot in the dead of night so that we could shoot through dawn. Me and my crazy romantic ideas…

Lots of tulle at this Langham, Pasadena summer wedding:

This is us, assembling favor tags and champagne tags in a hotel the night before a wedding. Committed, much?!

One of our craziest fun craft nights, this is Kristen belted in 1/2 way across the car because we couldn’t find her clicker… and Dawn, texting:

The gals grubbin’ it up pre-wedding [apparently involved in an important conversation]:

A day where we called in the reservers, for sure!! At the Serra Plaza Event [call time: 7am, time we left the studio the night before: 1:30am]:

The supportive men testing out their photo frame. Eye closing is intentional and awkward [both at the same time]:

Hands down- the most fun year that this company has seen yet. And I know for certain that 2011 is going to rule just as hard [if not harder]… as it’s only days away, I can’t wait. I’m stuck with a wide grin on my face, a spring in my step, and a place in my heart full of thanks/joy/humility just thinking of what’s in store. This is just the smallest of glimpses into who we are- more to come in the future, too.

2010- thanks for everything!



Hi all! Rachel here to finish out the design recap of the year. It’s been a whirlwind for sure [but doesn’t every year seem like it passed by in a flash?] so I’m glad we’re revisiting it. Especially because I feel like I get to relive all the great experiences. Now let’s get to it!

Once we had models, it seemed we never turned back. After the Coco Chanel Inspired shoot we moved onto quite an adventure, building an outdoor cafe in the middle of nowhere at 3 a.m. The lovely Amanda over at the Ruffled blog asked us to produce this for her site [which you can see HERE and HERE] and I don’t think we dissappointed, if I do say so myself. The rich and bright color of Yanessa’s sweater sealed the deal for me…and that delicious lemon cake. Yum.

Moving right along, the awesome readers of The Wedding Chicks blog voted us the stylists for their next StyleLab [an honor to say the least]. We envisioned the bride being the modern bohemian daughter of well-to-do parents in Nantucket. Bringing a balance of traditional [a FULL place setting. Like, FULL full.] and modern [a snazzy cardigan for the bride] was our aim. We were lucky enough to get this on The Wedding Chicks blog as a two-parter HERE and HERE.

We rounded out the year with a Spanish Soiree inspired shoot, which landed us yet ANOTHER feature on Style Me Pretty. This shoot was especially fun since fellow Nowie Sharon and her hubby Steve served as our hotter-than-hot models.

Seriously, isn’t she just the cutest?

It’s been a great year and I can’t even imagine what 2011 has in store for us. But whatever it is, we’re more than ready to tackle it!

See you in the New Year!


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