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Well some of you may remember that I won a stellar contest a little over a month ago with our gorgeous inspiration board depicting what we thought to be an elegantly nautical, East Coast style soiree. Well, those plans came to fruition last week and now, the images have been featured on the ever-fabulous, highly-read-worthy blog of the Wedding Chicks!

I could NOT be more thrilled with the way the ideas were captured by fave photog Chenin Boutwell. She turns everything she snaps right into gold- so I’ve been giddy since moment one about this!

The stylish workshop was broken up into a couple of posts- so be sure to visit ALL of them and leave love for your fave event stylists over there!!

Wedding Chicks Part 1

Wedding Chicks Part 2

Definitely there are MORE images, descriptions and fun to come regarding this workshop so stay tuned for more! Thanks so much Amy, Jocey, and Chenin for allowing me to turn a portion of a San Clemente Golf Course into a dreamy, Nantucket wonderland!!



Hello, Cute-iful! It’s like a perfect, breezy summer day already here in Sunny So Cal and I couldn’t be more thrilled about the pops of emotional sunshine that keep creeping into my life. I adore the springtime and everything about it- and mostly, I adore the weddings that it brings my way!

This delightful sweets table that I’m sure you remember has seemed to get my blog and twitter friends clamoring with excitement! And rightfully so! Thanks to Cyd at The Sweetest Occasion for the wonderful little write up and feature of our perfectly placed desserts!

It’s an honor to be featured anywhere, but when blogs come out of the woodworks to love on something you’ve had your hand it… it’s truly a new level of humbling! Thanks to all my readers, friends, family and fans from my deepest heart… in ways you’ll never know, you are the ones that have kept me in this industry, creative and brimming with excitement! Jump on over to The Sweetest Occasion to see more of us and so so SO much more weddings!

Happy sunny day, y’all!



ANOTHER teaser for you. And this one is a real hoot!! Talk about a great week [and instant gratification, by the way]- this lovely dessert bar was from this past weekend’s wedding! Special [special special special] thanks to Nicole Hill Gerulat for the blog post chock full of pictures!! Even more thanks to the impeccable Melody at the Sweet and Saucy Shop for her gorgeous goodies to make this display a smashing success [hellooo, alliteration!]. Did I mention that this entire reception was desserts? No meal, here. I’m a huge fan of this idea and have always pitched it to clients on a budget, and I’m so glad that I finally got to do one!

And the infamous TISSUE POM POMS that [if you follow me on twitter, you heard me moan about a couple of days last week] my team and I made in the wee hours of the morning!!

Visit Nicole’s post for more images and leave her pretty pretty comments about her pretty pretty pictures! I cannot wait for y’all to see the ridiculously perfect vintage furniture that Jeni from FOUND supplied. You will flip. Like for serious.

Until then, hang on and enjoy the ride!!



Modern Things | For Sale


Typically I don’t post this stuff [and even MORE so because this wedding is yet-to-be-blogged] but, my adoring clients, readers and fans…. I have a few items up for sale on Craigslist. They are some gloriously white bulbous vases that were used in a stylishly modern wedding last fall. They’d be a great addition to any event

And one not-so-great from my phone:

If you like what you see, visit the Craigslist Ad for more info… or you can just email me directly and I’ll give you the sweet deets!

They’re drool-worthy… am I right??



I’m creating a styleboard at the moment. I don’t do this often, you see, because I’m semi Photoshop inept and mostly the things I’d love to see come together are all in my head. But, this one… this one is special. This one has a purpose, and because of that… a styleboard is on it’s way! Moments like these make me eternally grateful for my talented team that works along side of me. Thanks Rachel + Shannon for the help!! Until the board is revealed, I will leave you with this:


Think rocky-sand east coast beaches meets white shingled houses and uppercrust people. I want the design to exude style and grace, and embody the cool wealthy beach vibe as it used to be in past times. Hamptons. Cape Cod. Nantucket. Grab a Tom Collins or a Long Island Iced Tea [garnished with a fresh slice of orange], put on a long flowing dress, and join me on the deck to soak in the sound of the sea.

Keep your eyes peeled for more.



Does my title say it all or WHAT!!

I’ve kinda gotten into the bad habit of forgetting to blog things that have been published online elsewhere. I will stop this- I promise. It’s important to me that you guys can come HERE to see my work and not have to track us down all over the old dubbeya dubbeya dubbeya for fantastic images of wedding inspiration.

Since my commitment to designing a new fresh tabletop each month is in total full effect, you’ll be bombarded almost constantly with images and features and inspiration boards and the like here on the blog. Which, I kinda have a crush on the thought of. Love it. The tabletop sessions for this year will actually focus more on party-style get togethers than actual weddings, but I like to think of my wedding style as more of an elegant, laid back design aesthetic whether or not it’s a party, wedding, or family get-together. So, it works. Here’s where the “+ Events” comes into play from the In The Now Weddings + Events. Ya see??

That being said, if you didn’t click over to the feature on Style Me Pretty, and if you didn’t see the ridiculously delicious teaser image that I posted last week, here are some of my faves! These images are all compliments of Two Auer Photo:


You had me at “cat-shaped-wine-bottle”!



My favorite, of course!


Love. Is. Forever.


Lace table cuff?? SO easy to do and such a big impact!


Ariel shots are totally my fave…



Texture of bengaline linens make me smile! Above, that’s my favorite detail shot. SO fun!




To see more description, pictures, goodness… click here and revel in the glory of Valentine’s Day all over again!!



Can I just preface this by saying I can now officially die HAPPY?? What wedding vendor isn’t going out of their mind at the thought of being featured on Style Me Pretty!!


I’m indebted to Abby for posting our images on her blog! I adore this Valentine’s table 100% and cannot think of a better place than Style Me Pretty to have it posted! There are tons more photos coming from this shoot but honestly- Abby posted them all over there!

So head on over to check it out and be SURE to leave a comment telling the world how much you love me! :D

Happy hearts and stuff!



A Very Late Lovely


Consider this for last Friday! I’m not trying to neglect you all, my dear readers- but hang in there!! The eye candy at the end of the road will be worth it, I PROMISE! We’ve got so much goodness in store.

Until then, how can you resist the sheer fabulousness of this bouquet?? Thanks to Jen @ Green Wedding Shoes for providing as always, the cutting edge inspiration that I adore!


A great modern twist on the iconic and sweet daisy bouquet! Mini daisy flowers with a center of billy balls goodness!



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